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Featured Reviews for New York, NY Home Remodeling Professionals

Alexim Builders
New York, NY Home Remodeling Professionals
Average rating: 5 out of 5 starsSeptember 5, 2016
I retained John and his company, Alexim, to renovate and add an addition to our home. The quality of their work is superb! The contractor worked in conjunction with our architect, making the transition from our "old home" to our "dream home" uncomplicated, and not only was the project completed within its estimated time frame; it also stayed within our estimated overall cost of construction. We would definitely recommend Alexim. Their client services were above par. John listened and understood our particular needs in all areas- concept, design, and functionality. Alexim is a local company and this was an important factor as well. They were truly "hands on" and it reflects in the finished project. AAA+++
Gaudioso Contracting Inc.
New York, NY Home Remodeling Professionals
Average rating: 5 out of 5 starsDecember 15, 2017
Our kitchen had been remodeled 15 years ago and our slide in range and over the range microwave were in serious disrepair. We needed to replace them but we recognized that all our cabinetry was in excellent condition so we wanted to preserve the good and replace the bad. We had two problems: The range depths had become larger; the kitchen doorway was too small for the new range sizes. We knew that for the small job of enlarging the doorway and installing the new appliances would make it difficult to find a contractor for the job. I called several of the contractors and most indicated that they only did complete remodeling jobs. But when I called Gaudioso Contracting Inc. Anthony made an appointment to look at the job within 1 week. He came promptly at the designated date, evaluated the job and gave us two quotes that considered a potential difficulty with matching the old gas valve with the new ranges. He recommended we contact AHC Appliances for information regarding the best choices for our kitchen needs. That was a great recommendation our purchase of items from the list of the choices they gave us was at the cheapest prices we were able to find on the net and in other local stores including big box stores. We scheduled the work to begin in two weeks and to be completed within 3 days. The workers arrived on time, were neat, and cleaned the area each evening before they left. The work done was of the highest quality and the workers quickly rectified the one minor problem. There were no annoying change requests to increase the price quoted and the workers were able to find an appropriate adapter for the gas valve so the cheaper quote was charged. They completed the work in the specified time. Overall an outstanding job and pleasant experience.
Stephen Wang + Associates Architects
New York, NY Home Remodeling Professionals
Average rating: 5 out of 5 starsDecember 7, 2014
Stephen Wang + Associates were the architects on a gut renovation of an apartment we bought that had not been renovated since the 1940's. We were not quite ready to "hit the ground running" when we closed on the purchase as we were then still going through the process of meeting with different architects, reviewing their portfolios and checking with former clients. I don't know what higher compliment I can give Stephen Wang than to say that in a process that extended almost two year from the beginning of the design phase to the day we walked into our fabulous new home, there hasn't been a day, a single day, that we haven't said how lucky, and how grateful we are that we selected Stephen as our architect. During the design process the five traits that I think stand Stephen head and shoulders above all of the other architects I met became clear. First, and probably most important, he's simply a great architect. I won't elaborate here because I think his portfolio speaks louder and more eloquently to this than I ever could. Second, he truly listens. There was so much we wanted in our apartment, from my wife's desire not to be isolated from our guests when she's in the kitchen (he put a pocket door in the wall that had separated the Living Room from the Kitchen, so now she never feels like she's missing out when we're entertaining and she's cooking) to my wanting to keep an antique French fireback that was in our old apartment but didn't fit the fireplace in our new home (he mounted it as a beautiful bas relief in the Powder Room), and he listened to what was important to us and addressed both our concerns and our desires in professional and stunning ways that never smacked of an architect merely catering to the whims of a demanding client. As an aside, before picking SWA as our architect, we were very close to going with someone else, but even in our initial meetings we could sense that he had very strong opinions of how things should look and didn't seem interested in very much input from us, and when we spoke with one of his former clients, a Fortune 100 CEO, and expressed this concern, the reply we got, "You'll find in the end, that Alan was right," sounded like someone who may have gotten a nice home, but not the one he wanted it. SWA is all about collaboration, and while it's become a cliche today when people say "the client comes first," Stephen Wang uses his genius to make your dream a reality. The third thing I found so impressive about Stephen during the design of our apartment was, to borrow the refrain from the song "Rock Island" from the musical "The Music Man", "you gotta know the territory!", and Stephen does! Stephen's knowledge of every aspect of the design process was beyond incredible. I deal with a lot of smart people in my business every day, and none of them has anything on Stephen Wang. When it came to the trades and professionals, Stephen was always the one leading the discussion because he was just so damn knowledgable, telling the HVAC consultant where the bends in the ducts should go and what angle would be most efficient, advising the acoustical consultant how to provide the best soundproofing, and directing the millwork guys how they could fit a closet in a seemingly inaccessible space. And the "knock your socks off" part of his expertise was how it extended to every choice we had to make during this adventure, from the selection of wood for the floors (and the best stains and finishes for the wood), to the best stoves (don't know any other architect who can talk at length about the pluses and minuses of dual-fuel oven vs. all gas) to the TVs for the Study (telling the AV consultant to wait to buy the TV as Samsung was coming out with a new model in a month), Stephen knew the marketplace as well as (better!) any of the experts. The fourth thing about SWA that really needs to be highlighted is Stephen's experience in the New York City design community and the broad range of contacts he has made who, I can tell from my experience, all have tremendous respect for him. When friends in other coops heard that our plans included a "wet over dry" relocation of the Powder Room, everyone said "no chance", and that was even before they learned that our coop had never before in its 85 year history approved a wet-over-dry proposal. While I think Stephen's planning and design were largely responsible for us getting this approved, I believe his long background of dealing with the building's architect was tremendously helpful; they knew that if Stephen put his name on something, that meant a lot. And in numerous other instances where the coop Board might raise a question, such as choice of windows or the compressor for the central a/c, Stephen could remind the building architect where they had previously approved the same thing on another project they had worked on together, or Stephen mentioning that he represents another building managed by the same management company and they approved the very thing we were trying to do. The fifth, and final qualification that I believe makes Stephen Wang so special is his calm and assuring (and re-assuring) manner. He never gets ruffled or excited, and views every insurmountable problem as just another challenge to be conquered. When we were told, after our plans were approved, that the building could not supply us the electricity we needed (the building is planning an electric upgrade and said that until then they were not going to supply additional electric to any individual apartment), which would have delayed the renovation for a year or two, my wife and I started to freak out, but Stephen said that we should stay calm and get the facts, and, with his help and guidance, we were able to show the building that there was sufficient electric capacity to handle our renovation and we got the approval to go forward. When my wife and I first interviewed Stephen, he said that his job was to break everything down into small discreet decisions and to give us a few options from which to chose in order to keep the process from becoming overwhelming. I don't know how he did it, but he did. Priceless. Once the renovation began, those same five factors, plus a sixth, were in ample evidence and again made us so thankful that we had selected SWA as our architects. Stephen's unsurpassed skill as an architect became more and more visible as the renovation proceeded along week by week. His responsiveness was, I'm sure, tested as my daughter passed from cute young girl to tween and needed to completely redesign her bedroom and bathroom. His knowledge of the marketplace and what works and doesn't work became even more valuable during the renovation when we faced various surprises and unanticipated challenges, and he could address and solve these issues promptly and expertly thereby saving us from time-consuming and expensive delays. Similarly, his experience and contacts proved invaluable as he could deal with the City reviewers and inspectors as someone with whom they've had a lot of past dealings, as well as providing us with the best people for finishing the job, from landscapers for the terraces, to the window treatment people who did a magnificent job on the blinds and awnings, to the upholstery company that did the window seats and the kitchen banquette. And even more than during the design phase, Stephen's calming demeanor saved many a day. After committing to a design that placed an important doorway in a critical position, the demolition revealed an electric pipe that hadn't showed up on any plans or test borings. In response to my "the sky is falling" panic, Stephen didn't lose a beat, told my wife and me not to worry, and had everything fixed before the day was over. And when issues arose with the contractor, as I'm sure they do on every project of this size and duration, Stephen was the constant voice of reason that kept everyone not only calm, but friendly, and allowed the renovation to be completed with no real problems. In addition to reinforcing everything positive we had seen during the planning phase, the renovation phase also revealed one additional, really important facet of Stephen Wang. His 100% commitment to the project and the client. Not only did he know the right stone yards for us to visit to pick the slabs for our marble bath and entranceway, he met us there and showed us why one slab we initially liked might not be so good, and why another slab would work (and he was so right!). But the greatest manifestation of his commitment was his attendance at every one of our weekly Site Meetings during the entire, nearly year-long renovation. His presence each week allowed him to spot and solve potential problems before they happened, and kept as calm as we knew he was literally as well as figuratively on the job, keeping an eye on everything every step of the way. Again, priceless. While I've spoken about Stephen Wang and SWA synonymously, I'm a bit neglectful and should mention the fabulous people he has working with him, who provide powerful support and follow-up, making dealing with this firm a very positive and truly rewarding experience. To anyone looking for an architect in New York, I would recommend Stephen Wang whole-heartedly and without reservation.
American Pro Restoration
New York, NY Home Remodeling Professionals
Average rating: 5 out of 5 starsApril 7, 2022
We hired American Pro in 2019 to renovate our basement. They did a beautiful job! Amazing team to work with. They also were able to complete the project in our expected time frame. We will definitely be calling them back to do our kitchen renovation project.
Quality Work Contracting LLC.
New York, NY Home Remodeling Professionals
Average rating: 5 out of 5 starsApril 7, 2022
I hired Quality work Contracting and for a sub job and they were excellent. We went over all design aspects of the project and that was it. Their team got to work and completed the job in a timely manner and stood on budget which was amazing! Will definitely work with them again in all future projects. Quality Work Contracting welcome aboard to Brothers Design & Build.
HAP Construction
New York, NY Home Remodeling Professionals
Average rating: 5 out of 5 starsJuly 22, 2021
We hired HAP Construction for a complete renovation of my apartment. From start, to finish both Eli and the team was always honest with what could and could not be done. They are amazing and extremely knowledgeable. They were always readily available and responsive to any questions or change requests. I received detailed status updates along with pictures as the work progressed. They are the real deal, prompt, professional, and honest. I would highly recommend them for any renovations needed in your home.
Ziti Construction Corp.,
New York, NY Home Remodeling Professionals
Average rating: 5 out of 5 starsNovember 19, 2021
I was very impressed and pleased with Ziti Construction Corp for helping me remodel my home. I originally thought of using a contractor from Home Depot but I’m glad I didn’t. Sef is very reliable and thorough. He’s not the contractor that will overcharge you and do a half ass job. He’s the one that will charge you accordingly and do an exceptional job, paying close attention to detail. I am very happy with the work that he did. With flooring to installing cabinets and doing electrical work. He was finally able to install my bidet toilet (which needed electrical power) by creating an outlet. I now have heated toilet seats just in time for winter in NYC. I will definitely be recommending him to my family and friends and will be reusing him for any future contractor projects.
Knockout Renovation
New York, NY Home Remodeling Professionals
Average rating: 5 out of 5 starsApril 7, 2015
There is nobody better than Knockout for a high quality full service reno. Our kitchen was completed on time and within budget. The owner Keith was very involved and has tremendous knowledge. Loredana was wonderful to work with and key to our excellent looking design. Jackie in the office was very efficient in managing the small stuff so I didn't have to thankfully, and last but not least the incredible craftsmanship and detail from Robert was beyond expectations. Very high quality work and apt was always clean by the time I got home; the man is ice! It has been just over 6 months since the kitchen was completed and I can say we are very pleased with everything....we have one awesome looking kitchen! A recent follow up visit by Keith to see how everything was working was welcomed, unexpected.
essential home remodeling
New York, NY Home Remodeling Professionals
Average rating: 5 out of 5 starsJune 25, 2021
The process to work with essential was extremely easy. It was a seamless process from the beginning to the end. The result was actually nicer than the renderings. I’m not so familiar with this line of work but Peter held my hand the entire way. I’m grateful to the Essential team and I could happily and honestly recommend them. They converted my kitchen into an amazing place that I want to spend most of my days in especially now since I work from home. My bathroom was converted into an oasis. Thank you!!!
Prime Renovations, Inc.
New York, NY Home Remodeling Professionals
Average rating: 5 out of 5 starsApril 4, 2014
Best contractor ever. Working with primerenovations was amazing! Jeff is fantastic. You can't get a more responsive and caring person to work with. On time, on schedule and always available to answer any questions, etc. Top notch work. I feel like I live in a high end luxury home.
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