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Bonsai Architectural Designs LLC
Roswell, GA Home Remodeling Professionals
Average rating: 5 out of 5 starsJanuary 23, 2019
“I can’t say enough good things about Corey and Bonsai. We started with a beautiful lake view but a dated and pieced together 1960s ranch. Corey was with us from day 1 when we decided we wanted to design our dream 6,000+ sq ft home as a “renovation”. He was there every step of the way for us. We had late night and early morning calls, he was available for my builder on a moments notice, and was so accommodating when we made last minute changes. This was our first build and he walked us through every detail. We will never build again because thanks to Corey we have our dream home and wouldn’t make a single change.”
Decasa Designs LLC. (Design, Build & Remodeling)
Roswell, GA Home Remodeling Professionals
Average rating: 5 out of 5 starsJuly 25, 2013
“I can't say it enough - Renata is awesome! I was first introduced to her through a mutual friend of ours, who knew that I had a design challenge with my home, and definitely needed some help. Renata has a consultative style that really worked for me! She took a tremendous amount of time to ask questions about how we live, how we use the space and my vision for how it would look. She challenged some of my ideas by asking many questions like “what about this” - “did you consider this” – “how could we use this space more efficiently”. We spent a considerable amount of time planning and talking before work even began. Once we had the functionality of each room determined, Renata then started to pinpoint my “style”. Even writing this is laughable because I didn’t feel that I really had a style but once she started pointing me to different types of furniture, colors and patterns, I could quickly say “yes I like that” or “no, that’s just not me”. This allowed her to get a clear feel for what I was comfortable with, and also how far she could “push” my thinking to open up to new ideas. Next she went about the task of putting together a couple of room designs on boards for me – these included pictures of furniture and fabric swatches – what fun this was! Finally we had a design that met my needs, and she set about putting it into motion. What I liked most about working with Renata is that she is not a “decorator” – she is a full scale “designer” which means that she has a team of construction and other professionals working for her – they can move walls, build furniture and do heavier structural changes. She really looks at the use of the space and tries to design it to complement how the family lives there. Renata redesigned our entire main level, but the crown jewel in the design was the family room. Our family room was drab, with many shades of beige and no definitive style whatsoever. Also, we lacked enough seating for friends and family. Renata spent many many hours working on this room and used it as the centerpiece to the entire design. She added beautiful (but comfortable) furniture that met our seating needs, eliminated unnecessary furniture pieces (armoire) to create more space, made changes to the fireplace to turn it into a visual focal point in the room, had custom drapes made and coordinated all the colors and artwork into a stunning space. Many people have walked into that room and exclaimed “this room looks like it’s from a magazine!” What I like most about the room is that it is very visually appealing BUT it’s also very comfortable and functional for our lifestyle. It’s not just a “pretty room” to look at it – we also use the space and it works for us. I love it! Finally – I could not be happier with what Renata did for our home and family! She is an amazing designer with an eye and vision like no one I’ve ever met before! She has become a close family friend throughout this process and we are so fortunate to have worked with her.”
Norwood Architects
Roswell, GA Home Remodeling Professionals
Average rating: 5 out of 5 starsAugust 15, 2012
“We are so happy with our experience! The architect and also the GC, Woody was so immersed, dedicated to our project- he guided us when decisions had to be made with excellent communications skills and also humor! It was exciting to see it all happen- and it was on time! We were living in the basement during the renovation and one night, it was storming, pouring rain- and this was before we had the roof completed, and he shows up in the middle of the night just to check on things to make sure water wasn't coming in! He was also very good at keeping us in-check with our budget. We are very happy with our new home!!”
TilesMax Remodeling
Roswell, GA Home Remodeling Professionals
Average rating: 5 out of 5 starsSeptember 24, 2013
“My husband and I wanted to put our house on the market but knew the master bath needed updating. So, we searched the internet and landed on Craigslist which is where we found TilesMax. Mark, the owner, came to our home and provided us with an estimate as well as a few design and material suggestions. The suggestions he provided saved us hundreds of dollars! He did an awesome job on our bathroom and it didn't take long to get it done. From start to finish was less than a week! The following week, I held an open house (I'm a Realtor) and everyone that came through said our master bath was stunning and had the feel of a spa! I've referred TilesMax to one of my clients for their master bath. They hired TilesMax, the bathroom was completed and they loved it so much they decided not to sell their home. So, I lost a client because they wanted to remain in their home to enjoy their new master bath. And, when they're ready to sell, the buyers will get a beautiful master bath...thanks to TilesMax!!!!”
Copper Sky Renovations
Roswell, GA Home Remodeling Professionals
Average rating: 5 out of 5 starsJanuary 27, 2013
“In my line of work I have the opportunity to work with a number of general contractors. Jim Walker of Copper Sky has impressed me with both his extensive knowledge, attention to detail and his calm, collected manner. I have had the pleasure of working with Jim and his crew on several projects. Copper Sky has consistently exceeded my expectations and those of the homeowner. I welcome the chance to work with them again.”
TRL Construction & Design
Roswell, GA Home Remodeling Professionals
Average rating: 5 out of 5 starsNovember 16, 2015
“Nothing but Professional!!! I had a few ideas in my head, and TRL and their team was able to transform my home into exactly what I wanted, On Time and UNDER budget! Now that's amazing! I would recommend to all my friends and family and anyone that wants a job well done!”
Roswell, GA Home Remodeling Professionals
Average rating: 5 out of 5 starsApril 15, 2014
“I hired Homeworks for a recent project and was very impressed with their level of professionalism and attention to detail. They delivered on everything I wanted, and for the few times I didn't know exactly where I wanted to go, the team was helpful in providing suggestions and sharing past experience to assist in guiding me there. The entire staff was friendly and high spirited while remaining serious about the work at hand. Very happy with the final result. Will contact them again.”
All Square Contracting
Roswell, GA Home Remodeling Professionals
Average rating: 4 out of 5 starsSeptember 27, 2015
“Great job and great design. Micah was very professional. His suggestions really tied the project together with the landscape of the backyard as well as the design of the home.”
Georgia Contractor Group
Roswell, GA Home Remodeling Professionals
Average rating: 5 out of 5 starsJuly 24, 2013
“I highly recommend GCG to remodel or build a home for you, They are very knowledgeable and the line of communication is excellent. They consistently use the same subs and that eliminates any surprises. Excellent Quality!”
Hask Custom Homes
Roswell, GA Home Remodeling Professionals
Average rating: 5 out of 5 starsDecember 11, 2013
“Hask Custom Homes is the premiere builder in Atlanta, crafting some of the most distinguished homes in the area. With top notch management, impeccable attention to detail and a true commitment to stay on schedule and budget, Hask will make building your dream home an enjoyable experience. Hask is always willing to take the time to talk with you about what you want and how each detail will look. in the house. For example, we took several "field trips" to look at various floor colors and stains to make sure we had the look we wanted. Hask worked with the floor specialist to create a specialty mix of stains to get the color we wanted and was sure to find the right size floorboards that fit our budget. We also had a custom sliding barn door created and engineered to fit a large opening in our living room. Hask relied on their engineering background and excellent relationship with a local door company to custom create and install the door. These are just two examples of many in which Hask went above and beyond to make sure that each detail we had dreamed of would become a reality. We truly cannot say enough wonderful things about this company!!”
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