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Stone, Paver & Concrete Contractors in Colorado Springs

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Colorado Springs / 50 mi
Stone, Pavers & Concrete
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Featured Reviews for Stone, Paver & Concrete Contractors in Colorado Springs

Weststar Masonry
Stone, Paver & Concrete Contractors in Colorado Springs
Average rating: 5 out of 5 starsFebruary 27, 2022
I’m a contractor in the south Denver metro area and Brian has done stone setting for me. He pays attention to the details and makes sure the job comes out right.
Diehl Concrete
Stone, Paver & Concrete Contractors in Colorado Springs
Average rating: 5 out of 5 starsDecember 7, 2012
I have worked with Ryan for the past couple of years. Ryan is a stand up guy who would rather do it right or not at all. While some companies choose to cut corners to make a profit Ryan takes the high road and puts quality ahead of all the rest. If you take a look at Ryan's portfolio you will see the amazing finishes he is capable of. Ryan is a Stamped Concrete specialist is Denver Colorado and Surrounding areas. His expertise is decorative, stamped and concrete placement in Denver Colorado.
Sundance Masonry, LLC
Stone, Paver & Concrete Contractors in Colorado Springs
Average rating: 5 out of 5 starsNovember 6, 2015
Sundance Masonry was highly recommended by a custom home builder and local brick supplier so we chose them to lay brick in an entry way and under a wood burning stove. We are extremely pleased with the results. They measured and spaced the bricks so there weren't any akward cuts and laid them in perfectly straight rows. They were also very professional and friendly. They arrived when they said they would and completely the job in a very thorough and timely manner. We will definitely be using them again in the future. Thanks for doing a suberb job Sundance Masonry!
All Purpose Paving
Stone, Paver & Concrete Contractors in Colorado Springs
Average rating: 5 out of 5 starsOctober 7, 2015
Work done on time and just slightly over estimate. But I should note that All Purpose Paving estimate was significantly under the other 2 bids i received. Had a bit of a glitch when the rains came in after grading and before laying asphalt, but Andre layed an extra 1/4 inch asphalt to ensure the surface wouldn't be compromised. He also paved out an extra parking space, so he went above and beyond. Customer service is definitely way above average when compared against the level of customer experience once experiences in today's world. Personable, responsive, goes the extra mile for a competitive price--this is why this company got a rarely given 5 stars from this customer.
Split Stone Granite, LLC
Stone, Paver & Concrete Contractors in Colorado Springs
Average rating: 5 out of 5 starsApril 17, 2019
Beautiful work.. Ken did my backsplash and it came out fantastic. I really love how it looks. I totally recommend Split stone granite. I will be using them again for another project.
GGH Concrete & Landscaping
Stone, Paver & Concrete Contractors in Colorado Springs
Average rating: 5 out of 5 starsSeptember 17, 2015
I have a very small backyard with a ranch home. My backyard is at a very steep slope with the house at the bottom, leaving very little to no useful space and 3 story homes towering above us behind our privacy fence. GGH Concrete & Landscaping was exceptionally patient with me as I had them come out 3 different times for price estimates, changes, etc. (none of which did they charge me for, despite the numerous drives out & time invested without even the assurance of getting the job). They recommended ENT for a loan when I asked my options, which worked out really well as we got an incredibly low interest rate and was able to get all of our work done at once rather than in broken up sections. Santana took photos of the areas needing work, was able to draw on the photo what it would look like, measurements, etc. and give me an immediate visual of what the plans were, to make sure we were both on the same page. I had a retaining wall put in, which he gave me all my options for different types of materials, cost of each, etc. (It is pretty amazing how quickly Santana can mentally calculate & crunch numbers all in his head within seconds - he knows the current costs of materials, cost per square foot, where the best place is to get which material for the price, etc.). I decided to go with the rail road ties, 6 ties high. Fat albert & blue spruce trees were put in between the retaining wall & privacy fence which will grow into a wonderful privacy border between us and the towering neighboring homes. Santana gave us material options to fill in above & below the retaining walls - from new sod, sand, rocks, mulch, pea gravel, etc. he explained the cost, the pros & cons of each material if used, and was even aware of details such as it not being necessary (worth the cost) to put in new sod around the new trees as their needles tend to be more acidic and grass doesn't grow very well directly under the trees. We went with pea gravel then mulch around the base of the trees. It was really important to me that through-out the entire process from start to finish, Santana was always working WITH me to save me costs when possible and did not pocket that difference himself, but saved that cost for me into my projects - I wouldn't be surprised if he's the 1 in a million a homeowner ever comes across where a construction worker/landscaper has the upfront honesty & integrity that Santana has. You can tell that he truly loves this work and being able to work with homeowners so that they can get work done at the most affordable honest way possible, he takes to heart seeing things come together so smoothly for those he works for. Santana is the good kind of perfectionist. He does not short cut or overlook the little details. If he doesn't like the look of how something turned out, he does NOT shrug it off and assume that no one will notice but him anyways, but instead, he points it out to the homeowner and follows up with what he intends to do to smooth things out. Small details like a little rougher edging on the concrete inside the ring around the tree, or going over the pea gravel enough times that it's beautifully smooth, even & raked out just right, sawing off the little 'lip' of the concrete blocks for the fire pit. Those little attentions to detail goes a long ways. Santana brought labor help out for the big part of the job, but all those small details, before prep work and afterwards clean-up, he was always fixing things just right - he made sure to pay attention to every detail, personally. Santana even touched up on extra stuff and helped me out such as attaching new down spouts, drilling a hole into the cement for my gate peg, building a fire pit for me, adding cement by hand to an area where we had previously had yellow jackets (to block off the entrance after we had had it professionally treated to have them removed), he also sawed off extra length I had on a new gate my husband had installed - many of which were not even officially part of the job, but he saw I needed help with those items, and helped just to help, no extra charge or fee, but genuinely helpful with such a kind heart to help others, content to walk away with a sense of pride & accomplishment with a job well done & completed. He is not motivated by money/greed as many can be, but the joy given to homeowners to be able to afford beautiful landscaping and concrete work they would often not been able to afford otherwise, he does, but does not cut corners. Which is why I feel like his high integrity is just outstanding! I cannot recommend him highly enough! We also had a lot of concrete work done, which was prepped ahead of time and every section was double checked with me to get my approval and moved until I liked it. The concrete work was all done, front and back yard, in just a single day. Santana even pressure washed all of the new concrete that evening, as well as anything that had even a hint of concrete on it that shouldn't have (privacy fence had some speckles, etc. which he not only cleaned concrete off of it, but cleaned our fences too!!, as well as our storage shed, the roof of it, etc. just to clean it up and to make it look nice even though it was well above and beyond what was expected of him). When Santana cut the cement bricks for our custom fire pit, there was dust from it on the nearby areas, which most people would just leave and let the wind or rain eventually get rid of it. However Santana once again went above & beyond what was expected of him and pressure washed EVERYTHING in our entire backyard, including my son's play equipment, our back deck, everything. It was so beautiful & clean!! Even though it meant not getting home to his own family before sundown, he made sure to take care of us and have our backyard all washed & cleaned up so that my son could play that evening and the following day (rather than wait for the wind/rain to eventually barely clean things up). Santana also has a great network of help - his main laborers - Pepe & Elliot - are just phenomenal!! Both worked very hard and nearly nonstop. Highly recommend Elliot, as he works hard, fast & honestly. He was also very patient with my 5 year old wanting to follow him around like his little shadow on the last day he had here. I am so very grateful I found GGH concrete & Landscaping (from North Springs Mamma's group on FB) - they are rare, one of a kind, HONEST professionals that goes a long ways. Every request of the homeowner is noted and worked with and they truly do their very best to work within that homeowner's budget. For me I am ever grateful for that, as I would not have this beautiful private wood oasis in my backyard if it wasn't for Santana. Thank you SO very very much!!! - I already have 2 of my neighbors now wanting concrete work done by Santana as well, who wouldn't?
Albano's Concrete
Stone, Paver & Concrete Contractors in Colorado Springs
Average rating: 5 out of 5 starsOctober 15, 2015
Bill and his helper replaced a section of concrete in our front walkway and stained our rear patio. The new front concrete was done very reasonably and looks amazing. The patio stain looks fantastic, and Bill was a fantastic communicator throughout the entire process. I definitely appreciate the time he took to both explain options and to make sure the stain pattern was exactly what we wanted. Thanks again.
XBOC Custom Coatings
Stone, Paver & Concrete Contractors in Colorado Springs
Average rating: 5 out of 5 starsJanuary 29, 2019
Thank you John and Christina at XBOC Custom Coatings we love our patio! Thanks to you we can spend more time out doors in our new space. You do great spaces in and out doors. We would recommend to anyone! The Garzan's
A Better Edge
Stone, Paver & Concrete Contractors in Colorado Springs
Average rating: 5 out of 5 starsMarch 22, 2016
We found Chad and A Better Edge when they first started out and have had them back several times for additional projects. The work has lasted for many years and is so well done.
Stone, Paver & Concrete Contractors in Colorado Springs
Average rating: 5 out of 5 starsJanuary 2, 2018
Innocrete completed a large project requiring 9 yards of concrete. Making a sidewalk from the front of the house around to back of house with a large patio. We got estimates from 4 Concrete busnisses. Bruce’s from Innocrete was the lowest by a huge margin. They started the job and finished on time. The crew cleaned up after. We didn’t specify fiber but they put it in for free as they wanted a quality job done. We highly recommend Innocrete!!!
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