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Living Rooms

Country: United States
Marin Remodel
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A harmonious color palette was created along with an extensive lighting plan to illuminate the space more effectively. New finishes and furnishings were purchased in complementary color & texture.
Cole Valley Remodel
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Dennis Anderson
Oakland Loft
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Color & lighting were used to 'humanize' the extreme ceiling volume in this space
SF Penthouse
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All new furniture was purchased for this space. The recessed lights are multidirectional and provide accent light for the paintings and furniture. Blended with the wall sconces, the light creates a more dynamic room in a small space. The furniture has 'sculptural' shapes and connects to the architectural views.
Orinda Tree House
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The concept here was to embrace the outside view to become part of the interior. This living room being the entry level is actually the top level of a three story home, the view of the trees gives the feeling of being in a tree house. The color palette, furnishing textures & lighting all compliment to outside views.
Daly City Dining
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This space originally had no lighting and with such a volume of space it was not exactly welcoming to family living or entertaining. We made the space more inviting by embracing the scale with the addition of pendant lighting to draw the eye downwards and juxtaposing uplighting to highlight the sculptural line of the slanted ceiling and grand windows.