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Diamond Residence by Nous Studio -Best of Year Design Awards 2015 (BOYawards)

The Diamond Residence is located on the top floor of a landmark 1939 building on the Normandy Coast in Trouville-sur-Mer.
This 1,300 SF two-bedroom gut-renovation was about keeping the bones but modifying the skin. Indeed, the existing oak wood floor just needed to be sanded to find its original glory and the perimeter windows had to remain as is.

Our client is emotionally attached to this apartment due to the fact that it is the place where she grew up and the home where she is projecting to retire since the passing of her beloved parents. Her original program was to alter the apartment in a conservative way by updating the kitchen and the bathrooms and to make sure it would preserve its character. Our client also requested to introduce stripes, as it represents Normandy’s perfect postcard of the beach towels and furniture. After all, the sandy beach lies just at the foot of the building.

With this in mind, Nous Studio started producing a conceptual story not only for each room but also for the overall apartment iterating stripe-patterns along with the existing particularities of the space and also with our client’s personal traits of character. Her refined and eclectic taste for precious one-of-a-kind objects and her fulfilled life traveling around the globe were important to us to take into account.

As a result, we were asked to proceed with an extensive renovation. We started by re-aligning all the openings of the central corridor serving as the major spine of the apartment and by dropping its ceiling by creating back-lit niches. We also created over scaled custom oak doors to give it a sense of grandeur.

The fruitful collaboration with our clients and hand-picked local artisans transformed this project into a unique handcrafted minimalist but warm, sophisticated but humble, playful but rigorous unique place. Custom faceted white plaster stripes dress the walls and the ceilings as well as more complex geometrical shapes echoing a precious gem.
Project Year: 2015
Project Cost: $200,001 - $500,000
Country: France
Zip Code: 14000