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Small Spaces

Developing the storage potential and purpose of a small, unused space maximizes the efficacy of the home. Well-placed shelving, a desk under the stairs, cubbies, and drawers create useful space and optimal organization.

Key Product Features:
- Custom shelves created to fit any space, as well as decorative molding and trim options, provide that coveted built-in look.

- A variety of finishes and designs can be coordinated with the existing style of the room.

- Optional doors can keep storage out of sight, if desired.

- Special features, from hidden pet feeding stations to integrated laundry hampers, allow you to fully tailor your storage solutions to your specific needs.
Attic Closet
8 Saves | 0 Questions
Custom-designed to fit a small space, this solution provides ample storage and a built-in, seamless look. • Classic White System creates a straightforward and modern look. • Slab drawer fronts offer a seamless aesthetic. • Adjustable shelves enable adaptability. • matte Aluminum round poles provide hanging space for clothing.
Ashville Entryway
1,590 Saves | 2 Questions
Utilizing under-the-stairs space, this integrated system allows the whole family to stay organized elegantly. • Lago® Siena finish sets the tone for a traditional aesthetic. • Lago® Siena 5-piece door and drawer fronts with mink leather inserts contribute to the warm, traditional feel. • Aluminum frames with high-gloss Olive back-painted glass fronts provide concealed storage. ...More
Capitol Hill Apartment
18 Saves | 0 Questions
Our standard configuration, this vertical system is more like a traditional bed and allows the user to have access to both sides of the unit. • Lago® Roman Walnut finish creates a warm, rich look. • Lago® Roman Walnut slab door and drawer fronts lend a modern aesthetic. • Aluminum frame doors with glass inserts offer viewable storage areas. • Multipurpose space serves two or mo...More
Margarido Hall Closet
4 Saves | 0 Questions
Maximizing a tiny closet with smart organization solutions allows for seasonal storage in this clever system. • Lago® Bellissima White finish seamlessly blends into the existing space. • Matte Aluminum round poles provide hanging space for outerwear. • Adjustable shelving creates flexibility for changing needs.
Ballard Entryway
21 Saves | 0 Questions
Previously unused under-stair space gets the ultimate upgrade, becoming a sleek hub for storing everything from coats and boots to wine bottles and stemware. • Lago Roman Walnut finish • Aluminum Framed door with satin glass insert • Accent warm ribbon lighting • Stemware racks provide a home for your glasses • Built around a wine refrigerator, providing a custom storage soluti...More
Coffman Reach-In
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The combination of Dark Wood finish with white allows this closet to seamlessly fit within the existing design of the space. • Lago® Roman Walnut finish adds drama and contrast to the white bedroom. • Oil-rubbed bronze round pole builds a monoChrome palette. • Adjustable shelves enable adaptability.. • Floor-based system with toe-kick finishes the built-in style.