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Master Suite Garage Remodel San francisco

Complete buid out and addition of garage space to create master suite and home office.
2 bathrooms, office, entertainment room, master bedroom, walk-in closet and master bath.
Country: United States
Zip Code: 94131
master suite build-out of garage, master buildroom with fireplace
5,643 Saves | 9 Questions
garage conversion to a master suite, office, powder room and entertainment room photo: Michael O'Callahan
master suite build out, master bedroom, patio doors, deck
475 Saves | 1 Question
master suite build out of garage, incl. home office and entertainment room photo: Michael O'Callahan
garage build out, master bath with waterfall style recessed shower
438 Saves | 1 Question
master bath in garage conversion. master suite and home office. photo: Michael O'Callahan
basement buildout
94 Saves | 0 Questions
Architect: Rossington Architects Photo: Michael O'Callahan
hall to ground floor build out stairway with skylight
465 Saves | 1 Question
Hall to ground floor build out. Skylight additional. Conversion of light well. Photo: Michael O'Callahan
media room built out from garage
264 Saves | 1 Question
Entertainment room conversion from garage photo: Michael O'Callahan