Медвежий лог - Добрые дома из кедра
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Log homes

Luxery wooden bath log homes from very big diameter of logs Siberian pine from heart of Russia. Handcraft log cabin in our work yard in Siberia. Then delivered log cabin to any place of Word and re build it on basement of Customer.
We are ready buid for you it or custom log home for your plan and drawing.
Project Year: 2014
Project Cost: RUB 3,500,001 - RUB 7,000,000
Luxery log homes
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This bath log house "Bear Corner" built in Moscow. Very big logs from 60 cm till 1,0 meter!!! If you wish wondefool wooden house and not expencieve please fill request in our website
Log homes
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Hand crafted log homes from Siberia`s manufacturer wooden houses. Perfect quality and competive price. Big logs for cabin, Larch gont (shinglass) for roof. Wish for it? We can built for you same or other custom log homes. More info http://bearloghomes.ru/index.php/about-us/export
Log homes design
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Interier bath log house. Very big diameter of log of Siberian pine (Russian cedar), Gan is not for sell... We can build log home or log cabin for you in any country of Europe ,