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Laredo Cowhide Rustic MirrorBy Mexican Imports
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Vintage Ebony Natural Rustic Style Vanity Mirror , 60"x30"
Vintage Ebony Natural Rustic Style Vanity Mirror , 60"x30"by Renewed Decor and Storage
This attractive Natural Rustic Wood Framed Mirror is the perfect addition to any powder room, entry hall, office or just about any room needing some light and rustic charm. Our frame starts from the highest quality premium Kiln-Dried Square Edge Whitewood that meets the highest quality grading standards for strength and appearance. We hand bevel each edge, distress each surface and hand wipe stain to create that perfect rustic finish. We assemble these frames with a focus on exceptional build quality, we use high strength specialized fasteners to assemble each joint and use only USA sourced 1/4 hand cut clear mirrored glass. Each frame will showcase its own unique grain patterns and knots making each and every frame unique. This Rectangular Design can be hung vertically or horizontally. Product Details: *Each frame is hand crafted with its own unique character *Each frame is made to order, handmade in Warrington, PA *Hand cut quality USA sourced 1/4 inch clear mirror glass *Available in 4 sizes: 24" x 30", 36" x 30", 42" x 30" or 60" x 30" Vintage Finish: Inspired by weathered textures, our Vintage Finish series evokes the richness and character of matte painted wood with the rich warmth of stain accent. To achieve this distinctive finish we have a 4 step process all done by hand make each piece beautifully unique. Shipping: We utilize specialized package material including custom made foam corners, specialized air cushion sheets designed to resistant popping and customized boxes to help us safely ship our mirrors to your door. We are confident and proud of our shipping process and we are dedicated to our products; if in the rare event your mirror is damaged we will replace or fully refund your purchase.Read More
Clarence Medium Silver Wall Vanity Mirror
Clarence Medium Silver Wall Vanity Mirrorby American Art Decor, Inc.(2)
This rectangular wall mirror is enclosed in our Clarence style frame in a metallic polished silver, featuring a textured accent of antique inspired detail. The mirror edges are beveled to give an additional touch of sophistication. Mirrors expand your space and maximize natural light, opening up the room with a feeling of greater depth. Place a mirror opposite a window or behind a pendant or table lamp to cast diffused light with a unique and enchanting look. This functional and decorative piece can serve as the visual focus at the end of a hall, or the centerpiece of a room with silver or metallic accents. Hang this gorgeous mirror above or behind a dresser, vanity, or other large furniture; this decor approach will open up your bedroom, dining room, or any location you would like to enlarge and enhance with elegant design. The inside mirror dimensions are 20" x 16", with a 1" bevel. The overall dimensions with the frame are 25" H x 21.25" W x .75" D. PRODUCT SPECS: Dimensions: 25" H x 21.25" W x .75" D Weight: 6.1 lbs FEATURES/BENEFITS: Eye-catching - A high quality mirror in a striking frame is truly in the canon of iconic design elements. This wall piece calls up a sense of refined luxury as well as a clear reflection. Expand and brighten - Attractive reflective surfaces are the perfect way to add depth and light to any room, and to energize small or dimly lit spaces. Versatile - This beautiful mirror is suited to a wide variety of decor styles, and can be hung vertically or horizontally to fit your individual space. Easy to hang - Sturdy and well-made yet lightweight, this mirror comes with hardware on the back of the frame to make wall mounting a breeze. Secure shipping - Your new mirror is expertly packaged for transportation to ensure that it arrives home safe and sound.Read More
Hutton Round Decorative Wood Framed Wall Mirror, Natural, 22" Diameter
Hutton Round Decorative Wood Framed Wall Mirror, Natural, 22" Diameterby Uniek Inc.(28)
With the round shape, light natural finish and Scandinavian aesthetic of the Kate and Laurel - Hutton Mirror, function never looked so fashionable. This mirror is a great way to open up space and bring lightness to any room as well as a fantastic way to add style and finesse. This smaller version of the Hutton mirror is sure to fit in with your best look, creating an eye-catching display of pure inspiration. The shape will be a great way to break up the straight lines of a gallery display or just the right size for a smaller wall space. Hang directly above a sink, making it just perfect as a simple vanity. The outside diameter of this round mirror is 22 inches x 2.0 inches deep. Two hangers come installed on the back and are elbow D-Ring type with a wire in between them, which will keep the mirror flat and secure. *With an outside frame diameter of a demure 22 inches, the sleek round shape and size of this version of the Hutton Mirror is a beautiful addition to that area of wall space that could use a touch of charm *An artistic display on its own, this mirror will be a fetching part of any home decorating scheme. The modern shape and the deep inset of the glass surrounded by the warm finish of the frame gives off even more light and depth *Two hangers come installed on the back and are elbow D-Ring type with a wire in between them, which will keep the mirror flat and secure against a wall *The Scandinavian-like style of this modern design gives this mirror a gorgeous chic feel - a look that goes with and complements most home decor *An attractively framed mirror is the affordable way to decorate your wall while bringing light and space into a roomRead More