People love Houzz

Good things happen when professionals and homeowners come together on the world's largest home design community. Hear directly from our users why they love Houzz.
I’ve been using Houzz since it started. It has done wonders for my business. Most of my clients right now are coming from Houzz. Many of them are from outside my immediate area and found me through my Houzz profile.
Interior Designers & Decorators
Sunnyavle, CA
Houzz has quickly become a terrific lead source for my firm and helped connect us with clients that are seeking creative, top quality work. It is also a great tool to work with clients through the design process!
Landscape Architects & Landscape Designers
Chatsworth, CA
Our new clients discover us by viewing our projects on Houzz. They then usually visit our website or just call us directly. We have done many, many projects as a result of Houzz.com leads, ranging from several hundred to several thousands of dollars.
Tile & Stone
Minneapolis, MN
Houzz is a top driver of traffic to our website – and the traffic we receive from Houzz is chock-full of serious buyers. We also receive direct calls from people who saw us and our products on Houzz.
Artists & Artisans
Austin, TX
Since I started using Houzz, we have closed several jobs that we would have never even had an opportunity to bid on before. People are finding my work, falling in love with my designs, and hiring me with very little effort on my part.
Kitchen & Bath Designers
Tyrone, GA
99% of my business comes from Houzz – I don’t know where I’d be without it, especially as a young entrepreneur. I owe my livelihood to Houzz!
Kitchen & Bath Designers
Austin, TX
Houzz ideabooks have helped us greatly understand our clients, so that we can provide them with the look and products they want. We always refer new clients to Houzz and ask them to start an ideabook of everything they like, and then we go from there.
General Contractors
Beaverton, OR
We've had excellent results from Houzz, and have received projects from Houzz that are on par or better than what we would have received without our exposure on the site. Houzz has put me in a position to be pickier with the jobs I choose to take on.
Architects & Building Designers
Evanston, IL
I’ve received five projects from clients who found me directly on Houzz. One of the projects is an oceanfront site off the coast of New Zealand! The geographic exposure I get from Houzz is terrific.
Architects & Building Designers
New Port Richey, FL
Houzz has been great for my business. Six of my clients hired me for projects after seeing me on Houzz. One of these clients is having me design the kitchen and all the bathrooms in her 5,500 square-foot home.
Kitchen & Bath Designers
Long Island, NY
In a relatively short period of time, the Houzz “Find a Pro” feature began bringing me new clients, the lifeblood of any business. In fact, in the first 10 months of 2014, 15% of my revenue came directly from clients who found me on Houzz.
Houzz ideabooks have made our bids and presentations so seamless & quick that my clients rave about the way the information is presented to them. Houzz is one of the most valuable tools out there for a business owner.
Home Stagers
Carlsbad, CA
I have found Houzz to be a great source of quality leads. I have also been able to develop some great relationships with General Contractors and Designers. I am now starting to see professionals come back to me for projects.
Staircases & Railings
Fullerton, CA
I have received six projects thanks to Houzz in under five months. Clients tell me they have seen my work on the site and want to talk about their project ideas. The projects have been five townhouse renovations and a deck + backyard.
Architects & Building Designers
Brooklyn, NY
My clients searched pictures that they liked and learned I was local. It was a new house. I've had 5 other interviews from potential clients that saw my work on Houzz.
Architects & Building Designers
Austin, TX
"I didn't know about all the information that was on Houzz - so I was pleasantly surprised when I could sort by city, find and hire an architect!"
Catherine K.
"Houzz assisted me by helping me decide what designer to use. What better way to recognize the designer that you would like to choose other than seeing their portfolio?"
Ray K.
"My idea book probably has 300 or 400 photos, I’m on there every day. It’s ridiculous. I was able to pick out why I liked certain layouts. For instance, I liked when the fridge was off to the side, not the focal point."
Cynthia O.
"Houzz was a great resource in finding designers that fit our style. We wouldn't have found Danenberg Design if not for Houzz and we are thankful for that."
Jagdeesh and Deepti
"Houzz was the biggest factor in finding Kerrie Kelly. It made it so easy first to find Sacramento decorators, to quickly review who made the effort to showcase their talent, and finally to see who fit my style."
Lisa B.
"I searched for ‘row house’ on Houzz to collect photos for my Ideabooks and found Ben Herzog’s work. I learned from Houzz that Ben loves to design row houses, is located in Brooklyn and that I love his work."
Nell D.
"The time flies while flipping through Houzz! We're building a new home and Houzz is making decisions and communication with everyone so much easier when I have a great picture to show."
Meredith H.
"So useful during a major renovation!! beats buying hundreds of magazines like I had to when I built my home in the 90's..."
Lori C.
"Every night I look forward to climbing in bed and just relaxing with my iPad and checking out Houzz! Helps me have sweet dreams."
Leticia M.
"I wanted to do barn-style sliding doors in two places in my house, the Houzz iPad app helped me 'show' my husband the concept! :-)"
Brooke M.