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Commented: so I take it you have found soapstone to be not so durable? I don't remember. I think it's quite durable but I don't mind normal wear. I love it. I wrote this article three years ago and the counters haven't chipped any more since then.
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Commented: Which 70's TV house would you want to live in? My sister had a dream about the Brady Bunch house when she was in high school and I was in college. She was able to go into Alice's quarters which was thrilling for both of us, and anyone I told—becau...
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Commented: What do you think of this kitchen transformation? Beautiful! I'm so glad you took advantage of a great layout with wonderful storage. Excellent work!
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Commented: What did you use for the base of this feeder? I'd like to make one. Sorry for the delay! I bought it from a kit.
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Commented: i love your pug! Thank you! His name is Oliver and , just as shown in this picture, his place is right beside his girl.
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