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Commented: Coastal Cottage Master Decor Select your bedding FIRST. Then select a color to paint the dresser. Beds are layers......
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Commented: Help with brass kitchen faucets, pot filler, hardware and lights Below? Faucet Newport Brass, Sconces, Circa lighting, Customers own mirror.....Sink base Palmer. Now, were you noticing an EXACT match? No... .
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Commented: Taking a Colonial house out of the '80s - exterior advice It is true that architects cost money, What do mistakes cost? Money for the mistake, angst, and money to re do. if it's possible to fix. That's the issue. In the end, the pro advice usually pays for i...
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Commented: Sink & Countertop Installation, Pro Opinions Needed Can we face facts here? You have one crappy builder. From the counter top install , to the sink install. I'd start worrying about the stuff important to the infrastructure. Like the roof, your shower ...
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Commented: Marble discoloration in wet areas mockups You have three posts on the same topic. All would be better posted on the PRO page, as one post.
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Commented: HELP or I will go to another company.... You must contact the SELLER of the item Directly. . Not Houzz. Go back to "your orders", under your Houzz profile . Who is the seller? Frankly? I'd Google the darn item. Order it elsewhere ...
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