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Commented: This is LOVELY, Jan! Thank you!!! As usual , took nothing more than absolutely great synergy between clients, builder, architect, and "moi" lol . The usual best case teamwork, without which no great results usu...
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Commented: Bonus room with half walls turned into bedroom Posts like this always make me a bit nuts. So much missing information! I wanted my own room when I was eight. The problem was my youngest sister was TWO. Therefore, a far earlier bed time......naps e...
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Commented: Can I use hardwood tile for a herringbone design? Your inspo pic is a 3" x 12" max. Just one reason you love it. When you get to Porcelain wood looks? You get sizing issues, and the possibility of a less than perfection install. Do it in wo...
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Commented: Kitchen Cabinets Allllllll cabinet painting is not a DIY job. It's a pro job. Conversion varnish, in a spray booth. PERIOD.
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Commented: Wall of Wood- learn to love it? Call the drywall guy. Get rid of it, and then spend some time thinking $$ on how you will unify the FLOORING. And improve the lighting look.: )
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Commented: Help with powder room remodel NO to tile on the wall. It's a POWDER room. Get a tiny pedestal sink, or wall hung sink, a smashing wallpaper, or a deep rich paint color, a mirror that doesn't dwarf the sink, and move on.
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