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how wide is this island
Posted by Gaylynn Beesley
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Artichoke Updated Around 1500mm
Where is the refrigerator?
Posted by susancole
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This tile is incredible! Can you please share where you found it?
Posted by nsgart
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Artichoke Updated We had it made for the project
Distance between counter and wall, please?
Posted by ajm27
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Artichoke Updated About 700mm
who is the manufacturer of the pot rack?
Posted by izzypwd
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Beams and trusses
Posted by jill_ansell
I can't find such a lovely small console sink. What is it? Thanks!
Posted by A. K.
K Furr Updated Would love to know the blue paint color!
Where can I purchase the chandelier?
Posted by Gloria Dunn
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Wall Colour
Posted by damonuk
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Part of stove or oven?
Posted by dwgrin
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Posted by Christina Speers
What is the name and make of the brown colour on the walls.?
Posted by Liz Reilly
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Island And room size
Posted by jomonster8u
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Kitchen island
Posted by Susan Rutherford
Dining room server
Posted by pybear60
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Posted by jjb3350
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Love the barstools! Where are they from?
Posted by jlwainer
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Artichoke Updated We had them made for the kitchen.
storage cupboards
Posted by pippa5
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Artichoke Updated Sorry Pippa - can't help you there I'm afraid!
Posted by pippa5
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Love the look of the wood with the marble!
Posted by enigma3
Shelving supports
Posted by Pallas
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Posted by jalbicocco
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Artichoke Updated I believe it was from Christies auction house
Me again about another of your amazing sinks
Posted by 4homedesign Ltd
4homedesign Ltd Updated Ok, Thank you. will do
how deep is drawer
Posted by Kirby Lambert
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how tall is drawer
Posted by Kirby Lambert
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Artichoke Updated 200mm
silverware and knifestorage trays
Posted by Kirby Lambert
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What are these cabinets made of? Thank you!
Posted by Jenna Killingsworth
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Love the sink
Posted by 4homedesign Ltd
Artichoke Updated Thank you!
Awesome Vent hood. Where from?
Posted by Todd Laedtke
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Can you tell me what the floor tiles are and where they are from.
Posted by jennylottie7
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Artichoke Updated They are Pietra Plana Extra from Stone Age
Hard Wear
Posted by Interior Therapy
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Posted by normaconway
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Posted by foxhayward
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Range hood
Posted by George Ann Birkhofer
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Was the island specially made or purchased?
Posted by George Ann Birkhofer
Work tops
Posted by cmilbank0
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love the green tile! Can you tell me the who makes it?
Posted by dmacey
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Artichoke Updated I believe they were from Fired Earth
Kitchen Stools
Posted by Parmé Garden Design
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Artichoke Updated These were the client's own I'm afraid.
Floor tiles?
Posted by lemonjellyuk
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Artichoke Updated I believe they are PPX from Stone Age
Love the plate drawers. How wide is this drawer? Thanks
Posted by jeanneyu
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Artichoke Updated Its about 650 mm wide
Posted by Sheila Haymond
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Who made the bar stools here? They're fab
Posted by Dafydd Hollis
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Artichoke Updated We found the for the client in a rec yard.
Full height appliance?
Posted by Leslie Huie
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Artichoke Updated in the scullery and there are fridge drawers
could you please tell us the color of the cabinets
Posted by niles123
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Artichoke Updated Knightsbridge by Little Greene I think
Posted by Harry
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Artichoke Updated We bought them from a junk-yard in Somerset
Posted by Melanie Clark
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Posted by aiserin
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How large is this kitchen island?
Posted by lindseyclibborn
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Artichoke Updated about 3 metres
Posted by breanna5568
Need more info on the Acero stone brackets
Posted by adcyran
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Table and chairs
Posted by hamish3
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Artichoke Updated Cant tell you I'm afraid - the client bought them
Which splash back should be with it
Posted by ffaiza99
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Artichoke Updated There is no splashback.
Kitchen cabinets
Posted by Alex Piskorz
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Artichoke Updated Fescue by Little Greene paint co I think
Where are the tiles from and what are they?
Posted by Julia C
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What is the countertop material? Thanks!
Posted by miastensrud
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Artichoke Updated Blue basalt...
What is the color of the large cabinet on the left? Beautiful!
Posted by Lili Shank
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Artichoke Updated Olive from Farrow and Ball I think...
What are the dimensions of the island?
Posted by jv13
Karen Simonton Updated what type of windows are used here?
Cabinet color
Posted by Marta
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Artichoke Updated All white from Farrow and Ball
Who built this island?
Posted by John Melton
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Artichoke Updated We did.
Posted by aiserin
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Artichoke Updated It is marble called Calacatta Oro
Posted by janethamer
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Artichoke Updated This floor is from Weldon Flooring
What color paint on the glass cabinets?thank you!
Posted by christinesullivan30
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Artichoke Updated Farrow and Ball All White
Flooring and oven
Posted by samanthahill
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Hi, I love the floor, what is it, thanks
Posted by marycotterell
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Artichoke Updated I thing it's from Weldon Flooring.
What is the backsplash?
Posted by chasmarad
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Artichoke Updated The backsplash is glass - we curved it.
Posted by hooks47
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Artichoke Updated This is a veneer called Olive Ash
What wood are the lower cabinets and what material are the uppers?
Posted by Sherry Chin
Sherry Chin Updated Thank you!
floor tile
Posted by samanthahill
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Posted by kerryhoffman
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Artichoke Updated These were designed for the project.
Paint color
Posted by mo_et
Posted by Navy Home Design
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Artichoke Updated We made them for the project
Kitchen faucet
Posted by moneill656
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Artichoke Updated Hornbean Ivy
kitchen size
Posted by Hazrina Hamzah
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Artichoke Updated The room is about 5m by 8m and the island is about 4m
Where can I find these electrical sockets? They fit in so well.
Posted by Kate Northen
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Artichoke Updated I believe they are from Forbes and Lomax
Where can we order the pot hanging rack/light combo?
Posted by ccmaloney
Briana Johnson Updated something similar at
Cabinet color
Posted by Vanessa Pisano
The name of the stone floor please?
Posted by kjuran
Artichoke Updated The client purchased this.
Where did you get the glass jars for the seeds and such?
Posted by Jenn Lauritzen
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Can you tell me what the flooring is here? Maker and style name?
Posted by deuxours
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Artichoke Updated I believe it is Pietra Plana Limestone from Stone Age
Could you please tell me the between the windows cabinet dimensions?
Posted by andyran
Artichoke Updated About 330 deep
Where is the flatware from?
Posted by Lisa Williams
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Posted by sarahcwhitehead
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Artichoke Updated The food is in the pantry and the fridge drawers.
where do they keep the breakfast cereals?
Posted by Heather Morgan
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Artichoke Updated In glass jars in the kitchen dresser.
Is there a refrigerator?
Posted by nejohnson
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Artichoke Updated We used fridge drawers for this project from Sub Zero.
what is the countertop material?
Posted by gayte
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Artichoke Updated The stone is Basalt and the wood is Oak.
What is the wall paint you used surrounding the windows?
Posted by cfriedm
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Artichoke Updated This was the client's and I cannot say I'm afraid.
What is the paint color on the walls please?
Posted by nutmeg2882
Posted by Johnathan Blake Interiors
klbohach Updated Sorry I meant to ask the "depth" of the shelves!
Please voile you let me know where the tiles come from?
Posted by Manon Fradin-Jones
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Posted by Fratelli Design and Construction Ltd.
Decorative Glass Solutions Updated Love the color of that wood.
Posted by jcolter21
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gray color please?
Posted by cantgetenoughcolour
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I love the tile used, may I please know what it is and where purchased
Posted by Andrea Kenney
mbassaf Updated Thank you. Lovely kitchen!
How deep is the crystal cabinet in the background?
Posted by kayletkgb
kayletkgb started a discussion.
Where can I get an Island like this one
Posted by Clare Morris
Clare Morris started a discussion.
Hi, what colour are the units please?
Posted by emmydotcon
emmydotcon started a discussion.
love the chair- where is it from or do you sell these?
Posted by Valerie Corsaro
Valerie Corsaro started a discussion.
what brand and color are the cabinets?
Posted by Kaitlin Gerardi-Brys
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Posted by Susan
Posted by samanthahill
I love the paint colors used in this entry. Would you share the colors
Posted by omar0224
omar0224 started a discussion.
Double glazed?
Posted by wendy846
island finish
Posted by Becky O'Brien Verhoeff
what color is the paint on the cabinets?
Posted by dlynn120
dlynn120 started a discussion.
What is the size of the island and how two materials were joined?
Posted by Daniel L
Daniel L started a discussion.
Bar stools
Posted by Mary Webb
Greta flagstones!! can you tell me where you sourced them from? TY!
Posted by katycorstorphine
katycorstorphine started a discussion.
Where can I find the tiles you used for the backsplash?
Posted by dr04100
dr04100 started a discussion.
Posted by daphne 0904
Please would could you let me know the colour of the doors. Thanks
Posted by Careford Construction Ltd
Careford Construction Ltd started a discussion.
Wall colour
Posted by hrawlings
Posted by Sinem Ali
Can you tell us what type of lamps were used over the island?
Posted by dolaimo
dolaimo started a discussion.
The blue paint colour witht eh white is beautiful. What is it?
Posted by Valerie McLeod
Valerie McLeod started a discussion.
color of cabinets
Posted by Megan Abrahamson
What type of flooring is this?
Posted by Em
Em started a discussion.
Who makes this stove?
Posted by Sue Gardner-Barr
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bridgefarm Updated A company called La Cornue - they're French....
What color is the wall paint?
Posted by agwieckowski
agwieckowskiThe blueish green?
what is the countertop?
Posted by megkieran
megkieran started a discussion.
How big is the island (measurements)?
Posted by Rosemary Nguyen
Rosemary Nguyen started a discussion.
Posted by bobbiefaye1975
Mary Davis Lc. Updated Charleston, Down pipe, or Brassica.Could be. by Farro & Ball
Posted by dmaniaci123
dmaniaci123 started a discussion.
Posted by lesley_pond
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Sort Our Stuff Updated They look like limestone tiles.
Amazing chandelier
Posted by colpotter
Fab. Paint colour on units & tile on splash back & stone detail please
Posted by mldoran
mldoran started a discussion.
Can you tell me about the paint color(s)?
Posted by Laurie Pitzely
Laurie Pitzely started a discussion.