Review for Andrea Gary/Queen of Kerfuffle™

Relationship: Client
Project Date: December 2012
Project Price Range: $1,000 - $9,999
Andrea was incredible. My parents just moved into my building and Andrea was so patient, professional and thoughtful. She is a pleasure to work with an an ass...
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Moving from a large 5 bedroom home in the suburbs to a 2 bedroom apt in the city as octogenarians is not a simple task. Change is hard at any age but in your 80's it is often overwhelming. Letting go of accumulaitions of over 50 years is big. I was able to design a walk in closet to maximize storage for Jane's parents so that they would have room to keep things/clothing they wanted. Every client has different needs. No two are alike. Some closets accomodate years of memories. Not all closets look perfect in the end but they serve to hold these memories. Understanding this is paramount to serving a client well.