Add Phases and Items

Automatically calculate each project’s duration based on your start and end dates.

Create Dependencies

Notify key stakeholders when an item dependency is marked off your list.

Stay on Task

Assign tasks to team members and get notified when their due dates approach.

Get the Full Picture

See spot dependencies, track progress, and more with seamless calendar integrations.


Stay on Time as a Team

Need to keep everyone on the same page? With the Schedule tool, you can build, update, and share your project’s timeline with anyone involved. You can even assign items or tasks to teammates, subcontractors, and clients to share the load.

A Schedule That Works With You

Ensure everyone—from teammates to clients—knows their job for each phase to keep the entire project running smoothly.


Take Your Timeline To-Go

Project changes while you’re at the jobsite? No problem! When you download the Houzz Pro app, you can use your mobile device to see and make changes to your Schedule anytime, anywhere, so your timeline’s always up to date.


Answer Questions Before They’re Asked

Give clients 24/7 access to all the project information they need through the client dashboard. Whenever they log in, their Schedule view will be up to date with whatever you want them to see and nothing else—you get to decide.


Set Up Your Future Success

An almost perfectly plotted schedule is only a baseline away. Take a snapshot of your current schedule and save it as a baseline to compare your initial plan to their actual dates—helping you track and manage projects even more efficiently in the future.


Flexible Editing Capabilities

Make edits without alerting clients by activating edit mode. And when you’re ready for them to see your changes, switch the schedule live to automatically send relevant notifications and make your updated schedule visible to everyone with access.


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