• 7 in 10

    Make More Money

    Houzz Pro estimates helps pros earn more revenue.

  • 3 in 5

    Estimate Faster

    Houzz Pro helps pros estimate twice as fast or faster.

  • 82%

    Communicate Better

    Professional estimates drive better client communication.

Based on a Dec. 2021 survey of current U.S. Houzz Pro Customers, out of those who had an opinion


It’s almost too easy…

Watch this video to see just how seamless it is to use Houzz Pro’s estimate software to create accurate estimates that can help you win better projects and impress clients you really want.

"The estimation tool really gives us a competitive edge. Often people will hire us while they are waiting for someone else to get back to them."

Construction pro uses houzz pro takeoffs software to estimate costs

Estimate up to 10x faster with our takeoffs tool

Create fast, accurate takeoffs, then convert your takeoffs into estimates in a few clicks —no more printing plans.

Construction estimating software making estimates fast

Leverage project templates & local cost data

Accurate estimates win better bids, and our estimating software helps you create them fast, so clients can approve right from their phone or tablet.


Simplify your estimating software

Get powerful features that will simplify your estimation process


Start with templates

Use our templates for popular projects, then plug in the project zip code to generate accurate estimates you can customize and save.


Set markups & taxes

Easily add the markups and local taxes for an estimate you feel confident in the first time around.


Use local labor & materials data

Access our library of local labor and materials to save time and keep your bids competitive.


Track approvals

Our estimate program allows you to send professionally branded estimates to clients and let them approve from any device with an e-signature

Construction estimate software generated estimate

Secure payment upfront

Request a deposit and include a payment schedule in the estimate so clients know exactly how much to pay and when it's due. Let them approve the overall payment plan and conveniently pay you online.

"The estimation tool is great because it simplifies the process and allows me to send out documents in a professional looking format. I also really like the e-signature feature. It's simple and easy to use."


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