AutoMate AI Voice Commands on the Houzz Pro App

Save time, improve efficiency and simplify tasks by using our AI assistant, AutoMate, on the Houzz Pro app.

This feature allows you to say simple voice commands to quickly navigate to what you need within the app. It is a great time-saving feature for professionals who are on-the-go and need to get tasks done quickly with minimal effort.

We currently support these specific voice commands:

  • Create lead / project / daily log / note / task / estimate / proposal / invoice: "Create a new lead for Joshua Martin who wants to remodel his bathroom"; "Create a new project for Joshua Martin at 3444 Sanborn Drive"; "Create an estimate for Joshua. Charge 1,000 dollars for the wall painting"
  • Call / text / email client: "Call client Joshua Martin"
  • Navigate to job site: "Get directions to Joshua Martin’s project"
  • Clock in / out: "Clock in for Joshua Martin project"; "Clock out / Stop clock for Joshua Martin project"
  • Search: "Search for Joshua Martin"
  • 3D scan: "Do a 3D Scan"
  • Open camera: "Take a photo"
  • Upload files: "Upload document"
  • Read Help Center support content: "Learn more about leads"

Since this is an early beta launch, we are just getting started — there is more to come in the future!

How to Use AutoMate Voice Commands

Open up your Houzz Pro app. You will notice an AutoMate icon on the bottom right of your homepage screen, or any other screen you are viewing. Click on the icon to start using voice commands.

Pro Tip: If you're on a project page, most things you say will be created for that specific project. If you're on the homepage, you will have to select a project when giving your command.

A screen will appear with suggestions on voice commands to try. Select Tap Here to Talk to speak your command.

For voice command to work, make sure you give Houzz Pro permission to access your microphone. A pop-up might appear on your phone as you start to use voice commands, or you can adjust your permissions in settings.

Speak your command clearly into your phone. Text will appear in the bottom screen to show you the command you've given. If you are happy with it, select Finish. If you would like to try again, select Cancel.

Once you click Finish, the action should be complete.

If AutoMate is unable to recognize the command, or the command is not yet supported, you will receive an error message.

How to Hide AutoMate

If you want to adjust how AutoMate appears on your app, you can easily hide the button from view. To do this, click on the AutoMate icon, then select the gear icon at the top right of your screen.

Your profile settings page will appear. Click the AutoMate AI Assistant section. Here, you can adjust whether to Show as Button, or Show in Header.

If you select Show as Button, it will continue to work as shown above.

If you select Show in Header, you can still access AutoMate if needed, but it will be in the top right of your screen where it is out of the way.

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