AutoMate for Takeoffs

Last updated:
March 19, 2024

With Houzz Pro Takeoffs you can now use our AI assistant, AutoMate. 

When you upload a set of plans to Houzz, our system will scan the pages and, where possible, offer you the ability to use AutoMate to speed up the takeoff process. We will show which pages are suitable for AutoMate in the left rail by highlighting them with a blue perimeter. You can choose to use the AutoMate function in the top left of the tool bar. 

AutoMate is available on floorplans, as we improve the feature we will expand its capabilities.

Where AutoMate is available you simply select the feature as you would any of the other tools, choose either area or length and select what group and category you want to add the measurements to. By hovering over areas or lengths on the plan, AutoMate will pick them up and add it to the Measurements Drawer simply by clicking once. The same will work with counts. 

Should you wish to adjust the area or length that has been measured using AutoMate you can do so by selecting the arrow in the toolbar and clicking on the measurement you wish to adjust. This will show you all of the markers used to plot the measurements and you can adjust to suit. This will also work for manual measurements as well FYI. 

You will always have the ability to measure anything on the canvas with the manual tools. If you need to add a bespoke measurement you can click “Manual” and use the tools as normal. 

We will be continually adding to and updating this feature over time making it more robust and becoming an integral part of your workflow.

As always it is important to check your work and make sure you have accounted for all of the materials you need. AutoMate is intended only to assist you and is not a substitute for your professional judgment, independent design, analysis, simulation, estimation, or other activities.

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