Houzz Live Connections: FAQ

1. What is the Live Connections program? 

Live Connections is a complimentary service for our Houzz Pro members that facilitates real-time connections over the phone with pre-screened homeowners. 

A Houzz Concierge Representative will verify a homeowner’s project request by phone, then contact Pros who are a fit to see who is available to speak to the homeowner at that time. Our goal is to connect Pros with homeowners directly so that they can exchange information and talk about the project on the spot. 

Research shows that if you respond to a potential client within five minutes of receiving a message, it increases your chances of reaching that person by 100 times compared with responding after 30 minutes. Live Connections is a service to help our Pros close that gap and connect with homeowners in real-time. 

2. How does Live Connections work? 

Step 1: A homeowner answers a questionnaire on Houzz and our smart algorithm will match them with a local professional who can help them with their home design or renovation project.

Step 2: A Concierge Representative contacts the homeowner by phone to confirm their project needs, budget, contact information, and readiness to speak to a Pro who meets their needs.

Step 3: If the homeowner’s project request is positively verified and they’re ready to speak to a Pro, the Concierge Representative will reach out to a Pro, first by SMS if available and then by phone. If the Pro is interested they then will give the homeowner information about the pro and will connect both parties (the homeowner and the Pro) live over the phone. 

Step 4: After a successfully connected call between a Pro and homeowner, the Pro will receive an email and a message from Houzz that will include details of the project. If the Pro missed the call from their Concierge Representative, they will receive an email containing the project details and contact information for the homeowner. 

3. Who is eligible for the Live Connections program? 

Live Connections is only available for Ultimate pros in eligible categories, operating in the US & Canada. Want to join? Contact us to learn more.

Eligible categories include but are not limited to:

  • Architects & Building Designers 
  • Cabinets & Cabinetry
  • Carpet Dealers 
  • Design-Build Firms
  • General Contractors
  • Hardwood Flooring Dealers & Installers
  • Home Builders
  • Interior Designers & Decorators 
  • Kitchen & Bath Designers 
  • Kitchen & Bath Remodelers 
  • Landscape Contractors
  • Painters
  • Window Treatments
  • Tile, Stone & Countertops

4. Does participation eligibility for Houzz Live Connections guarantee leads from the service? 

No, Live Connections-eligible Pros are not guaranteed leads from Live Connections. Matches between homeowners and Pros sourced from Live Connections are dependent upon a variety of factors, including homeowner participation, Pro response times, regional supply and demand, and more. Results may vary.

5. What are the benefits of the Live Connections Program? 

The Houzz Concierge team acts as a front desk extension for your business. They will verify project details and ensure that the homeowner is serious and ready to speak. The Live Connections Program facilitates pre-screened immediate connections between Pros and homeowners, saving Pros time and streamlining their path to acquiring new customers. 

6. What number will a Concierge Representative be calling from? 

Participating pros should save the number 1-844-208-7421 as “Houzz Concierge” in their phones, so they know it’s a Live Connection from Houzz when the Concierge Team calls.

7. What information does the Concierge Representative gather when qualifying a project inquiry? 

The Concierge team verifies the project details and confirms the homeowner is serious. Details include the homeowner’s phone number, email, project description, budget, and when they’re looking to get started.

8. Once the Concierge Representative qualifies the homeowner and project, do I receive an automated Houzz call or does the rep actually make the connection?

The Concierge Representative makes the connection live, by phone. If you have SMS enabled, the rep will first text you the project information to see if you are interested and available to speak.

9. How can I get set up with Live Connections? 

Pros should take a couple steps to ensure that Live Connections is as effective as possible. 

  1. Update your Live Connections preferences on your Houzz Pro dashboard
  2. All calls from Live Connections will come from one phone number. Save the number  1-844-208-7421 to your phone as “Houzz Concierge” so you know that a Live Connection is on the line for you

10. Will all my new business inquiries now come in through the Live Connections program?

Live Connections is only one source of new business inquiries from Houzz. If a homeowner chooses not to speak to the Houzz concierge team by phone, you’ll still receive those project match inquiries via email and in your Houzz inbox. If a homeowner contacts you directly through your Houzz profile, you’ll also continue to receive those inquiries via email and in your Houzz inbox. And of course if a homeowner calls you directly using the phone number on your Houzz profile you’ll still receive those calls.  

11. How can I update my Live Connections preferences?

You can visit https://www.houzz.com/live-connections/edit to sign into Houzz and update your Live Connections preferences.

12. Why should I add SMS to my Live Connections Preferences? 

Add SMS to your Live Connections Preferences to get automatic texts with information about your Live Connection opportunity that is on the phone for you, right now. You can quickly and easily respond by replying back by text “1” (Yes, I am available to talk now), “2” (I am interested but not available now), or “3” (I am not interested). 

If you indicate that you’re interested and available to talk now, you’ll receive a call from Live Connections that will connect you with a homeowner. If you indicate that you’re interested but not available now, you will receive an email with the homeowner’s information so you can reach out to them at a time that works for you. If you indicate that you’re not interested in this Live Connection, then you won’t receive an email and the homeowner will not know that you passed on their project. 

13. What happens if I miss a call?

If you miss a call from Live Connections, you will automatically receive an email containing notes from your Concierge Representative so that you can contact the homeowner as soon as possible.

Example of an email that a Pro would receive after missing a call from Live Connections.

14. What happens when the Concierge team verifies a homeowner, but the homeowner isn’t immediately available to connect with the Pro?

When a Live Connections-verified homeowner isn’t available immediately, Houzz will send an email to the Pro with the homeowner’s information so that the Pro can follow up right away.

Example of an email that a pro would receive after a verified homeowner is screened but isn’t available to connect immediately.

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