How to Scan a Room Using LiDAR Technology

The combined power of Apple’s innovative RoomPlan API with LiDAR technology and Houzz Pro’s immersive 3D Floor Planner enables you to create accurate, lightning-fast floor plans right before your eyes. This way you can seamlessly offer clients an outstanding visual of their future home.  

What is LiDAR technology? LiDAR, or light, detection, and ranging, uses eye-safe lasers to sense objects and accurately measure their distance from one another.

Use an iPhone Pro 12 or newer or an iPad Pro 4th generation or newer, running at least iOS 16, to gain the accuracy and speed of the LiDAR scan. To create a room scan on all other devices, see this article.

Watch this video tutorial to learn more:

To get started, ensure the desired room is well lit. Then, scan at a steady pace, gently moving your iPad or iPhone Pro up and down to capture every angle.

Once the room scan is complete, you can choose to either hide or show the furniture in the room. You can also view the floor plan in both 2D and 3D right from your mobile device.

To customize and edit any details, access the 3D Floor Planner from your computer.

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