Using Keyboard Shortcuts

Last updated:
January 31, 2024

There are a number of custom keyboard shortcuts that will help you navigate the takeoff canvas and speed up the time it takes you to complete a takeoff. Please find a list of the shortcuts below. 

  • SPACEBAR → Hold the spacebar down and click with your mouse to pan around the canvas. 
  • SHIFT →  hold the SHIFT key while measuring lengths, the line will snap to a 90 degrees angle and you can ensure straight lines
  • CMD + ‘P' → hide/show thumbnail panel (left panel)
  • CMD + ‘D’ → hide/show Measure Drawer (right panel)
  • SHIFT + 'T’ → hide/show Toolbar
  • D → Hold ‘option KEY’ when selecting a measurement on canvas to ‘duplicate’ it
  • CTRL/CMD + ‘Z’ → Undo functionality
  • CTRL/CMD + ‘F’ → to do keyword Search on active page
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