Automatically Tag Project Photos to Stand Out With Homeowners

To help your work get seen by homeowners and increase your chances of getting leads, the auto-classification tool automatically tags your project photos with keywords. The keywords are based on the photo content, such as “Kitchen,” “Bathroom,” “Outdoors,” or other spaces. 

Auto-classification works on all your project photos. For photos that weren’t manually tagged, auto-classification will automatically tag them. For photos that were manually tagged, but tagged incorrectly, auto-classification will re-tag them correctly. You can always change a tag by editing the photo.

Watch this tutorial to learn more about changing the photo tags:

On Essential and Ultimate pro profiles, homeowners can filter tagged project photos by keyword to find exactly what they’re looking for.  These premium filters make it easier for potential clients to find you, see your work in those spaces, and it increases your chances of getting hired. To upgrade your subscription, see our pricing page.

Since auto-classification tags project photos, it allows pros to participate in Visual Project Match, increasing the chances of getting noticed by homeowners and receiving leads. This is available for all pro plans.

There’s no setup needed to start using auto-classification; it’s already working behind the scenes for all photos on your Houzz profile.

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