Page Settings in Takeoffs

As you create your Takeoff, you can view and adjust your page settings on the left and top side of your canvas. Here, you can edit individual pages, edit your entire plan, adjust page settings and more.

Edit Individual Takeoff Pages

To edit an individual page, click on Page at the top left of your screen to open up the page drawer. You will be able to view all of your Takeoff pages in one place.

For each page, click on the three dots icon to make changes, including:

  • Rotate Page (can only rotate before adding measurements)
  • Rename Page
  • Clone Page (all measurements will carry over to your new page)
  • Download Page (can only download after adding measurements)
  • Delete Page

Edit Entire Takeoff Plan

If you want to rename, clone and/or delete your entire Takeoff plan instead of an individual page, you can do this as well. Simply select the plan name at the top of your canvas, then click the three dots icon. From here, you can Rename, Clone or Delete.

Pin a Takeoff Page

If you have a large number of Takeoff pages and would like to find key pages faster, you can do this by pinning a page.

To pin a page, click the Pin icon for that page. It will then appear in the Pin tab for easy access in the future.

Adjust Page Settings

Under Page Settings, you can adjust the line width within your Takeoff plan to make lines appear more or less pronounced. Just click the dropdown, and select from 0.2, 0.5, 1, 2 or 4.

You can also adjust the page scale and preferred unit of measurement in the dropdown menus. Setting your page scale is key to a successful Takeoff — read this article to learn how to properly set your page scale.

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