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2024 Virginia General Contractor License Requirements

Find the Virginia  general contractor licensing requirements for 2024 and let Houzz Pro help you navigate the confusing waters of becoming a general contractor.

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Are you considering becoming a Virginia General Contractor in 2024? If so, you'll need to be familiar with the Virginia General Contractor License requirements. To obtain a license, applicants must meet a set of criteria and pass a series of examinations. Additionally, the state of Virginia has established a General Contractor License Reciprocity program, which allows license holders from other states to be eligible for licensure in Virginia. In this blog post, we will discuss the Virginia General Contractor License Requirements and Reciprocity program in detail.

Who Needs a Virginia Contractor License?

In contrast to many other states, Virginia's general contractor license requirements are typically uncomplicated. Anyone overseeing or participating in a project, whether it involves construction, renovation, repair, or enhancement, with a value exceeding $1,000, is obligated to possess a license.

This implies that general contractors are mandated to hold licenses issued by the state. General contractor licenses are categorized based on project value and the cumulative worth of contracts. Likewise, tradesmen such as plumbers, electricians, HVAC technicians, gas fitters, and other specialized contractors must also possess state-issued licenses.

Who Issues a Virginia Contractor License?

Virginia centralizes all of its licensing procedures under the Department of Professional and Occupational Regulation. This consolidation proves advantageous, particularly for specialty trades, as it significantly simplifies the application process.

What are the Different General Contractor License Types in Virginia?

In Virginia, general contractor licenses are categorized into three main types based on project value and annual business revenue.

  • Class A contractors: Projects valued at $120,000 or more in a single contract or $750,000 or more annually.
  • Class B contractors: Projects valued between $10,000 and $120,000 in a single contract or $150,000 to $750,000 annually.
  • Class C contractors: Projects valued over $1,000 but not exceeding $10,000 in a single contract or up to $150,000 annually.

How To Get a Virginia Contractor License

To guide you through the licensing process, here are the steps and requirements:

1. Experience and Application Fees:

  • Depending on your license classification, there are varying requirements for experience and application fees.

2. Application Process:

How Much Does Licensing Cost in Virginia?

The licensing fees for becoming a general contractor in Virginia vary depending on the classification:

  • For Class A licenses, the fee amounts to $385.
  • Class B licenses require a fee of $370.
  • Class C licenses have a fee of $235 associated with them.

License Reciprocity in Virginia

Virginia offers reciprocity for general contractors licensed in neighboring states who wish to work in Virginia. This Virginia general contractor license reciprocity is available for electrical contractors from Alabama, the District of Columbia, Kentucky, Maryland, West Virginia, or North Carolina. To apply for a Virginia general contractor license by reciprocity or examination exemption, candidates must submit a comprehensive application, including verification of their out-of-state licensure, as specified by the Virginia Board for Contractors.

While Virginia does not currently have plumbing license reciprocity agreements with other states, they have established an agreement with the Washington Suburban Sanitary Commission.

For individuals seeking information about Virginia general contractor license reciprocity or any other types not explicitly mentioned, it is advisable to contact the Virginia Board for Contractors. They can provide a full list of requirements and further details regarding reciprocity for contractors wishing to work in the state of Virginia.

Penalties for Unlicensed Contractors in Virginia

Virginia imposes strict consequences on contractors who engage in unlicensed work when licensure is mandatory. Violators may face fines and penalties administered by the state, as well as the risk of forfeiting their entitlement to payment for the work performed.

Virginia demonstrates a strong commitment to addressing unlicensed contracting activities. According to Virginia Code 54.1-1115, the penalties for conducting work without the appropriate license in Virginia may include fines of up to $500 per day of violation. Additionally, such actions are categorized as Class 1 misdemeanors, potentially leading to imprisonment for up to one year. These stringent measures underscore the importance of compliance with licensing requirements in Virginia's construction industry.

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