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    Make More Money

    Houzz Pro helps concrete contractors generate more revenue

  • 64%

    Estimate Faster

    Concrete contractors create estimates twice as fast or faster

  • 50%

    Save on Hiring

    Houzz Pro is like having a team member you don't have to hire

  • 82%

    Communicate Better

    Houzz Pro helps concrete contractors communicate better with clients

Based on a Dec. 2021 survey of current U.S. Houzz Pro Customers, out of those who had an opinion


Business management tools to stay on top of anything that comes your way.


Easy to customize, easy for your people to use.


Manage everything you need from a jobsite with our mobile app.

Concentrate on the projects you want

Don’t get bogged down working on projects that drain you. Houzz Pro’s concrete construction software helps you find leads that will motivate you and make you excited to get to a jobsite each day. You tell us the projects you want and we connect you via email, phone or text with one of the millions of homeowners looking for a concrete contractor like you on Houzz.

Concrete management software for winning bids

Houzz Pro helps you complete concrete takeoffs in a fraction of the time you’re used to with manual calculations. Just upload your plans, mark them up, and our concrete construction software calculates complex areas and volumes.

HOUZZ PRO PLANS & PRICINGPlans That Work for Your Business Needs
StarterGet started, get organized, get your brand right.$0/moduring 30 day free trial, then $65/moView Plan
EssentialStand out, show off your work, manage your business.$0/moduring 30 day free trial, then $99/moView Plan
ProAccelerate growth & benefit from financial reporting.$0/moduring 30 day free trial, then $149/moView Plan
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The “how is this so seamless?” concrete business software

Managing complex projects takes a ton of time and energy. Houzz Pro’s project management tools bring all of your business systems into one place. Follow up with leads just as easily as you can complete a change order. Communicate with clients as efficiently as you communicate with your team. Our time-saving capabilities know no bounds.

Protect your cash flow with concrete management software

Creating an invoice from an approved estimate takes just seconds with Houzz Pro. This automated step helps reduce billing errors that can go undetected and eat away at your profit margins. If you need to make a change mid-project, you can create professional looking change orders from within our concrete contractor software, too.

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