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Forgotten leads, missed payments and lost invoices are woes of the past. Houzz Pro’s cloud-based painting project management software creates a single source of truth for clients, your team and your vendors. Our automated email reminders and task management tools ensure everyone knows what they need to do next. We make it hard to forget the important stuff.


Painting project management software that keeps everyone in the loop

Schedule your painting jobs, share schedules with clients– maybe even change them later when you need to. Our dynamic project tracker tool makes it easy to build or update project schedules with a quick drag and drop. Need to get the word out to your team about a schedule change? No problem. Message anyone involved with a project directly within Houzz Pro.

How our painter project management software works


Find & manage leads

Capture leads through your website or other sources and organize communication in one place. Email reminders nudge you to follow up and ensure you remain communicative.


Complete takeoffs & estimates

Import plans or scan a space with your phone to automate your takeoffs. Then turn them into professionally branded estimates with a few clicks.


Track your time & expenses

Get compensated for any resources you invest in a project. Our stopwatch tool helps teams track total time spent on a job. Plus, you can also log expenses in the Houzz Pro app.


Manage change orders & invoices

Estimates can be automatically converted into invoices so you can get paid sooner rather than later. Our change order tool accounts for any charges that could otherwise fall off your radar.


Prompt clients or vendors for payment

Once an estimate or invoice is received, you can request payment via credit card or bank transfer. Payment schedules and email reminders reduce any time spent tracking down money.


Use our brand building tools to grow your business

From creating a custom website to targeted local advertising, our project management software for contractors provides multiple solutions to hit your sales goals.


Mobile painting project management software for smoother jobs

You’re not at a desk all day, so your project management tools shouldn’t be either. The Houzz Pro mobile app allows you to delegate tasks, send messages, update schedules all from the palm of your hand. You won’t be able to remember how you managed before.


At-a-glance view of painting project needs

Feel in control of your day from the jump. Just log into Houzz Pro's painting project management software and within a minute you’ll know where your attention is needed. Clients enjoy the same luxury through client dashboards that are customized to show only what you want them to see.

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EssentialStand out, show off your work, manage your business.$0/moduring 30 day free trial, then $99/moView Plan
ProAccelerate growth & benefit from financial reporting.$0/moduring 30 day free trial, then $149/moView Plan
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Painting project management software that expedites estimates

One of the most time-consuming parts of a painting contractor’s day is creating an estimate for a new project. Without the time and focus to ensure estimates are accurate, it can be easy to make costly mistakes. Houzz Pro gives you that time back and then some. Our takeoffs tool helps estimate up to 10x faster while remaining accurate.


Project management that integrates with your website

Maintaining your website might be the last thing on your to-do list, but it’s important to ensure you have a steady stream of leads to keep your business running. Thankfully, a custom-built and maintained website is included with our painting project management software. We take all the work off your plate— from domain purchasing to website hosting and more.

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