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From circular pools or spas to infinity pools and beach entries, we serve every specialty.

Maybe you spend your days estimating complex grottos or leading teams as they install intricate hardscapes. Maybe you’re a master of Roman pools. Whatever your specialty, rest assured that Houzz Pro’s swimming pool software is customizable and flexible enough to do everything you need.

Take Houzz Pro for a swim

Between a Premium Profile on Houzz (the #1 most used site by homeowners looking to tackle home improvement projects), our custom website services and targeted local advertising, we offer multiple lead streams that can propel your business forward.

Ready to swim in new leads?

When homeowners look for inspiration for their dream swimming pool, they turn to Houzz. When you sign up for Houzz Pro’s lead generation services, you get a flashy Premium Houzz Pro Profile to showcase exactly what makes you the best pool builder for the job.


Have better leads float your way with our swimming pool software

We don’t just focus on funneling Houzz leads your way — we want you to capture leads from other sources, too! Trying our swimming pool builder software means you also have access to our website services, where we’ll build you a custom, SEO optimized, mobile friendly website. Rest easy — your digital marketing strategy just got that much less daunting and time consuming.


Estimate for everything big or small

As a swimming pool builder, estimates can take up a significant chunk of your day. Houzz Pro aims to give you some of that time back with our estimating tools. Add any labor or material costs or source local costs from our vast database to build precise, fast estimates. Once you’re ready to share with clients, you can add your logo and company information before previewing and sending off.


Widen your pool of opportunity

Before using a swimming pool business software, you might spend hours building email newsletters, following up with leads and brainstorming ways to upsell current clients. After using Houzz Pro, swimming pool builders can do all of this in a fraction of the time. Our email marketing tools are user-friendly, meaning you don’t need to be a tech wiz to send consistent, curated updates to your email list. Click into our CRM and see all of your leads neatly organized by status where you can lean on email reminders to automate follow ups.


Manage swimming pool builds with ease

Between designing and installation, the opportunities for challenges to arise are endless. Feel more prepared to tackle these challenges with our swimming pool software program that features some of the best project management tools in the industry. Delegate tasks, have one central place for all communication, update timelines and dependencies with a few clicks. The only thing easier than managing projects with Houzz Pro is collaborating with clients and vendors. Our software is cloud-based meaning fast file sharing and real time updates are the norm.


Keep your profitability afloat

We know you don’t budget additional time in your day to click between multiple software programs and analytics platforms. That’s why Houzz Pro brings all of your leads, estimates and invoices into a single view so you can track approvals and keep a pulse on which projects are most profitable. With our swimming pool industry software, you can answer questions you’ve had about your business that you haven’t been able to answer before.


Track your crew’s time and capture every expense

Be able to invest more in the people helping to drive your business forward with a solid time tracking system. Our stopwatch tool can be started, stopped or paused whenever needed. It’s simple enough for employees to use it consistently but robust enough to give you insight into project profitability like never before. Expenses, while equally as important to monitor as your time, can be even harder to track down. Houzz Pro makes it fast to upload receipts so you never forget to bill for project costs.


Get paid for swimming pool builds faster than ever before

The job isn’t done until the check clears. But what if there was an instant online payment option? That’s right. Houzz Pro allows clients to easily pay invoices online via credit card or bank transfer. Monitor all funds going in and out of your business with robust but straightforward financial reports. We’re excited for you to dip into a world where you can see which projects are accelerating your business’ growth.


The pool builder software that helps you stay ready when plans change

When things don't go according to plan, our swimming pool software has your back. We enable you to create fast, precise change orders so you get paid for every extra piece of material or hour of labor. Complete change orders from wherever you're working via the Houzz Pro app. Send and monitor approvals conveniently from any device.


We play nice with your business management tools

With Houzz Pro's swimming pool business software, you don't need to change the way you send emails, conduct meetings or do accounting if you don't want to. We have a slew of integrations that make it easy to get started with Houzz Pro right away. All of your other tools sync with your Houzz Pro dashboard, giving you a single portal to access all your business needs.

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