How to Get Better Leads

With Houzz Pro, we provide you quality leads that are relevant to your business. If you feel like your leads could improve, all you need to do is provide a little feedback on the leads you receive. Let us know whether or not they were a good fit, and we can adjust and improve them accordingly.

Read How to Manage Your Leads to learn more about the lead process on Houzz Pro.

To give feedback on a lead:

Click on the Leads icon in your left-hand menu. From the leads list, open up the relevant lead.

Update the lead stage to ensure the lead is in the correct step of the process before you give feedback. To do this, click on the lead stage section on the right side of your screen and select the appropriate step from the dropdown.

If you had a phone call with the lead, you can document the lead quality in the call log. To create a call log, click on the Notes section in your left menu, select Create New, then Call Log. From here, click What Happened On This Call, then select the relevant option from the dropdown.

You can also select Call Log from the Quick Create menu and input feedback there.

If a lead doesn't work out and you would like to delete or archive the lead, you can give feedback then as well.

To delete and archive a lead, select More Actions from the left menu, then select either Archive or Delete.

A new screen will appear where you can input feedback on why the lead didn't work out. Click Submit once complete.

Providing us with this information about your leads enables us to provide you with better leads that more closely fit your needs.

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