How to Let Homeowners Schedule Meetings on Your Website

When you have a Houzz-hosted website, you can provide a professional and reliable way for homeowners to schedule meetings with you directly.

To set this up, you will need to connect your calendar to Houzz Pro. Once connected, you can add the booking link to your website with the following steps.

To start:

  • Access your website editor by clicking the Company icon from your left navigation in Houzz Pro, then selecting Website from the left menu. You can also click this link to access directly.
  • Click the + icon to add an element to a section of your website. From there, select Button.
  • A new popup screen will appear. Under the Where Do You Want to Link to? section, select Houzz Features.
  • In the Feature dropdown, select Schedule a Meeting. Your meeting will be displayed below. Be sure to click Save.

When a lead schedules a meeting with you, both parties will be notified. The lead will receive an email notification of the meeting, and it will show up on their calendar if it’s connected. You will also be notified of the meeting, and it will show up on your connected calendar.

This feature is integrated with the Houzz Pro CRM feature, so all your meetings will show up as leads that you can follow up on.

For ease of access, homeowners can book meetings from both the desktop and mobile versions of your website.

This is currently available only for Essential and Ultimate pros. Learn more about upgrading your subscription here.

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