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7 Inspiring Construction Website Ideas to Grow Your Brand

Looking for construction website ideas? Discover creative inspiration for your construction home page, blog & more to start building your online presence today!

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When homeowners are seeking a construction professional to take on their renovation dreams, searching online is one of the first places they go. Greeting them with a compelling, professional and visually-pleasing website that tells the story of your construction business helps you rise above your competitors. 

Whether you are just starting a construction business, or seeking to boost the online presence for an existing company, seeing how others do it provides practical insights and inspiration. We’ve selected seven examples of construction business websites that we think are getting it right. Read on to get some construction website inspiration and learn why we think these websites, pages and blogs are best in class. Then, get started on building an online presence that will draw in clients and help your business grow. 

Construction Home Page Inspiration

The construction home page is the first stop for visitors, and you don’t want it to be their last. A strong homepage draws in users, and keeps them exploring deeper into the home page and the other website sections instead of clicking away to a competitor. Include striking imagery of completed projects, make the home page easy to scroll through and for users to quickly understand whether your services and mission match what they are seeking. 

Showcase awards and testimonials, link to all the main pages on your website, and include all pertinent contact information to make it seamless for potential clients to reach you.  

The stunning photographs of past projects are the stars of the CLT Design Build Inc. construction home page and immediately signal the aesthetics and style of remodeling services the company offers. Pop up titles urge users to engage by clicking on more beautiful photographs of each project. 

Nor do visitors need to scroll far to learn the firm’s building style and philosophy as well as the accolades it has received for its work, including four Best of Houzz awards. A positive review from a happy client is highlighted as an appetizer to its testimonials page. We also love its use of a simple motto to message and draw in homeowners: “Your Home, Your Way.” When it comes to finding great construction website ideas, this site is a great place to start.

Top Tip: Lay out a Visual Welcome Mat

Construction Website Project Portfolio Ideas

An effective construction project portfolio page offers plenty of options so visitors can see the style and depth of a construction company’s work. Professional photographs, videos that engage readers, and plenty of before and after reveals, makes the portfolio page a place where people want to stay, explore, and imagine their project. 

Why do we love Wreedone’s portfolio page? Its emphasis on kitchen and bathroom remodels is clearly communicated in a compelling way through videos and spectacular, high-res photos. By providing a large volume of imagery, the company offers users a way to explore in as much detail as they prefer. Mixing up the offerings with different rooms, styles and budgets can also help potential clients match up a past project that fits their aesthetic and style. The inclusion of a video high up on the page is another way Wreedone engages users from the start, earning them a top spot in our list of construction website design ideas. 

Top Tip: Variety, Variety, Variety

Construction Website About Page Inspiration

Who does not want to meet Mike and Jackie of MJ Design & Build as soon as they see the photograph of them on their About Page in front of a kitchen island? The photo introduction on the construction website about page strikes just the right balance between professional and casual. The visual is accented by a single sentence encapsulating their niche, and design and build services: “We’re Mike & Jackie - a husband and wife design + build team with deep local roots and a passion for uncovering the true potential of old homes.”

This about page hits all the right notes in a simple, yet concise way. It familiarizes visitors with the company by putting faces to the names, provides an overview of their background, mission and specialities, and it offers persuasive testimonials. Last but not least, the page makes it simple for potential clients to reach them. They can click on a button or use additional contact information that is easily found at the footer. Now that’s some construction website inspiration you can easily put to use on your own.

Top Tip: Get Friendly

Construction Website Services Page Ideas

The best construction website services pages succinctly answer common questions clients have when trying to decide which construction business to choose. It includes examples of the types of projects and services offered, but is easy on the eyes with visuals that break up the text on the page.

Atudori Construction Services impressively checks all these boxes with a services page which does not get bogged down in complexity. It clearly states the question clients want answered: “Why Choose Us?” and then answers it. The page takes visuals beyond the beautiful high-res photographs of past projects included.

Playful graphics illustrate the story of its services. A drawing of a concrete truck sits above its section “Not too small or too big projects.” And what follows are relatable examples of jobs:  “Refurbishments, paving, swimming pools, conversion.” The company’s guarantee is spelled out too. And for those who want to see more, the page makes it clear where they can click to delve deeper into its portfolio. 


Top Tip: Keep it Simple 

Construction Website Testimonials Page Inspiration

Construction Website Testimonials Pages are all about providing quality and quantity. Include enough reviews so potential clients can see the variety of clients who entrust your construction business with their home projects. Highlighting these stellar, five-star testimonials will help your company grow. 

From the start, the Construction Testimonials Page of Lyon Design and Build in Boulder, Colorado uses the page to convey a message about the type of working relationship it builds with clients. The first words visitors see when they arrive on the page are “Kind Words From our Collaborators.” They do not use the word client, or the word testimonial. 

In that way, the page does double duty of not only showcasing the testimonials, but expressing that they view clients as collaborators: a testimonial in itself.  The testimonials are presented on an easy to use carousel, making browsing through them a breeze.

Top Tip: Do Double Duty

Construction Website Contact Page Ideas

A construction website contact page works best when it makes it as easy as possible for potential clients to reach the business. It sets up no barriers or extra steps for a potential client to take that all important step. Include various forms of contact information to capture all the possibilities such as a phone number, and email address. Also, include a physical address to signal the company’s geographic location. 

By including two stylish photographs, Blue Stone Construction shows that a Construction Website Contact Page need not be boring. In the upper left-hand corner, their bright blue logo depicting a house roof top complements the artistic feel of the page.  

Besides a list of contact information, the page includes a brief form which clients can fill out with their contact information and submit a message. This helps companies collect all important contact information for current and future nurturing.  Blue Stone also addresses privacy regulations in a single sentence, noting that by submitting the message, the sender is giving the company permission to email or call them in response to the inquiry and with tips and offers for similar services. Now, that’s some construction website inspiration you can easily put to use on your own.

Top Tip: Banish Barriers

Construction Website Blog Page Inspiration

Savvy customers can tell when they are being marketed at. That is why the best of class construction blogs provide useful information relevant to homeowners instead of just marketing materials. And, of course, visually pleasing photographs and striking headlines help draw readers in. 

The blog posts created by PB Built address common homeowner concerns such as safety and security, building costs in Florida, and since they are in a hurricane-prone state, the weather. Labeling the blog as the latest news signals to visitors that the blog provides timely and useful information and trends. And, because there is a high volume of  blogs to choose from on the page, clients are likely to find topics that they want to click on. Add this to your list of construction website ideas to take with you as you set out to build your own.

Top Tip: Become Essential

How to Use Great Construction Website Design Ideas For Your Business

If you are ready to carve out a website for your construction business, or beef up your existing one, these construction website ideas can provide the inspiration to get you started. Browse through them and decide what approaches fit the type of client you are seeking and the story you are trying to tell about your construction business.

Don’t worry if you lack all you need to build out every page. Decide which are most relevant for your business and which ones to skip or delay. For example, a business may not be at the stage where it has the resources or bandwidth to post a regular blog so put that on the future to-do list. Focus instead on the pages that are most crucial for your business to thrive and grow. Then, find a partner who can build them. 

It’s never too early to start building your online portfolio. Gather the photos you already have of past projects, posting only the most eye-catching, high-res, professional- looking ones. By making it a priority to get stunning photographs of every project as you complete it, you will grow your portfolio in no time.  Ditto for reviews and testimonials. 

Put Inspiration into Action 

Best in class construction websites are simultaneously compelling and simple. They are inviting and easy to navigate. They include beautiful visuals, and clear, concise messaging about the services a construction company offers, its accomplishments and reputation. Some even include a bit of playful whimsy. Now that you’re armed with some excellent construction website ideas, keep learning with our Guide for Branding your Construction Company. Houzz Pro makes it easy to get started by providing construction pros with website services. Explore Houzz Pro’s custom website designs for construction companies.

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