"Several of the projects we have converted from Houzz have been multi-hundred thousand dollar whole house remodels, and some smaller projects. Houzz gives us credibility so when we get a contact from Houzz and reach out, the homeowner already has a good interest level in who we are and what we do. We’re also looking forward to using Houzz Pro for lead management within the CRM dashboard!"


Just like your team, everything has a function

Wherever potential clients are finding you, your leads can be organized within our CRM for general contractors. Track website leads, client referrals, leads from Houzz or anywhere else. Once your leads have been imported, all it takes is a single click to view their status, relevant documents, messages and upcoming meetings.


We nudge so you don’t have to

Every email, phone call and text message can distract you from the project in front of you. Wear one less hat and try Houzz Pro’s contractor CRM to use quick replies that save time. Still waiting on a sub to review an estimate? Houzz Pro sends gentle email reminders to prevent clogs in your pipeline.


A contractor CRM that keeps projects moving in the right direction

As a general contractor you have a lot to keep organized — team schedules, material deliveries, client meetings, the list goes on. Knock one item off the list with our CRM for contractors: approvals. Once you send an estimate, you can track when it’s been opened, signed and answer any questions clients may have. When a client signs you are automatically notified so you can start building out the project schedule.


Give your business management a boost

When you’re completing jobs, winning bids and earning 5-star client reviews, when do you have time to upgrade your back of house processes? Houzz Pro’s CRM software for contractors helps streamline every admin task so you can start shaving hours off of your week. Our CRM is cloud-based, meaning you’ll never waste time working off of outdated documents or sending clients the wrong information. Fire off messages once, limit unnecessary back and forth and set the stage for productive collaboration with subs, clients and teams.


Build credibility for your general contractor business

Being a successful business owner doesn’t always mean you have a desire to become a master of marketing. Sharing photos of completed projects and upcoming business promotions via email helps build a strong client base, but getting the message into an inbox might require time you don’t have. That’s why our CRM for general contractors features a full suite of user-friendly email marketing tools. Send email newsletters to clients, vendors, subs, teams or any other list you wish to create from your contacts. Houzz Pro’s professional team of email designers creates visually appealing templates that are easy to fine tune with a drag and drop editor.


Client meetings you can squeeze in from anywhere

Client meetings are critical for closing deals and keeping a pulse on client satisfaction. Give clients the opportunity to see and hear the value you’re bringing to their project from wherever you are. Video consultations are a staple of Houzz Pro’s CRM software for contractors and provide another flexible option to meet or vet clients. You’re just a click away from a more efficient work day.


Integration friendly business solutions

Just as you connect subs, vendors and clients to get a job done, your lead management should be connected to the rest of your business solutions, too. Our CRM software for contractors integrates with Gmail, Outlook, Zoom, QuickBooks and more. Don’t stress about changing your current processes to accommodate Houzz Pro — celebrate the ease that comes with accessing all of your tools from one place.

"I like the all-in-one solution that includes advertising, CRM, a social profile on Houzz, access to the Houzz Trade Program and a great interface."

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