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Free Template: How to Write a Remodeling Invoice

Remodelers, level up your invoicing game with our remodeling invoice example and downloadable remodeling invoice template.

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AUGUST 27, 2023

If you are a new home remodeler, or an experienced one looking to hone your business skills, you know how important invoicing is to the growth of your business. Delivering a professional invoice not only builds trust with clients  but helps remodeling pros ensure they get paid accurately and on time. 

In this article, we provide a free, downloadable, editable remodeling invoice template to make it easy to get started. The template can be customized for any type of remodeling project and the remodeling invoice example can be used for inspiration.

In this step-by-step guide we walk you through how to create professional remodeling invoices quickly and efficiently. Read on to learn why invoices are crucial to your remodeling business, what information to include in them, and how to create a remodeling invoice that makes you stand out from your competition.

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Download Our Free Remodeling Invoice Template

Here's a Remodeler Invoice Template on Us!

Customize this Remodeler Invoice Template to get paid.

With the long to-do list you have as you start your remodeling business, the administrative tasks can seem overwhelming. But they do not need to be, and we can help you check off one of the most important ones: Invoicing. 

Our free remodeling invoice template guides you through everything that needs to be included in an invoice so that you do not have to start by staring at a blank screen. The remodeling invoice template is completely editable so you can customize it for your business and for any project, big or small. The template also includes a sample remodeling invoice that serves as an example of how other remodeling pros write up their invoices. The remodeling invoice template is easy to download so you can print it and email it to clients.

A home remodeling invoice template is a great way to cut your teeth on invoicing. But many construction professionals soon find that remodeling invoicing software is a better option in the long run. 

With business software like Houzz Pro, invoices, payments and tracking are automated all in one place so you can create invoices faster and keep on top of them more easily. Explore more of our invoice templates for remodelers with a free trial of Houzz Pro.

What is a remodeling invoice?

A remodeling invoice is the billing document that remodeling pros provide to their clients at various stages of a project, and at its completion. It details the costs of the work including the materials, labor and other related expenses.

Also referred to as remodeling bills or receipts, a professional remodeling invoice helps assure that you are paid accurately and on time. It also provides your clients with an accounting of the cost of the project and the value they received from your work.

Why are home remodeling invoice templates important?

Sending a remodeling invoice that itemizes your services lets clients see exactly what they are paying for, and helps assure that you are paid accurately for the work you perform whether it is a kitchen remodel, bathroom makeover or more. 

An invoice for a kitchen job, for example, is likely to include categories such as design consultation, painting, cabinetry, countertops, and other items. A more complex job might cover additional areas such as HVAC, plumbing, structural work and insulation. 

Providing a detailed remodeling invoice helps keep everyone on the same page and can avoid misunderstandings on the work performed and when. The invoices also provide documentation for your record-keeping.

When do you send a remodeling invoice?

Invoices can play a part during every stage of a remodeling project. The pacing and number of remodeling invoices sent for each job depends on the terms and conditions set at the start of the work. Some home remodelers send an invoice before the work begins seeking a deposit for a percentage of the total anticipated cost of the project.

If a client has agreed to a payment plan, an invoice is sent at various stages of the project. The final invoice with the remaining balance is sent after the work is finished and the clients have signed off on it. 

No matter the timing, it is important to send invoices promptly to increase the chances that you will be paid quickly. At the end of the project, send the invoice as soon as you have calculated all the final costs.

What should be included in a remodeling invoice?

A professional remodeling invoice includes specifics that make the costs as clear as possible for the client to understand. It also provides other basic information listed below.

  • Company Information Make it clear who the invoice is from by including your company name, address and contact information. Branding it with your logo adds a professional touch and makes it uniquely yours.
  • Client Name To avoid any confusion and to help with record-keeping, include the name of the client, and any other pertinent information such as the best way to contact the main point person.
  • Invoice Number Developing an intuitive numbering system that identifies the client and where the invoice falls in sequence with others for this specific project makes it easier to organize and track invoices.
  • Invoice Date Add the date to every invoice to avoid any misunderstandings of when the document was sent and when the payment is due. 
  • Payment Due Date Make it clear when the payment is due, according to your policies and the terms you set with the client at the start of the project. Give your customers a reasonable amount of time to make arrangements for payment.
  • Table of Labor & Materials This is the bulk of the invoice. It details what materials were used in the construction and renovation, the unit cost of each and total. The table also includes the labor employed to carry out the work, hourly rates and total number of hours.
  • Summary of Costs Provide a total and brief summary of all costs, including any other expenses associated with the project.
  • Payment Methods Accepted Making it convenient for your client to pay the remodeling invoice increases your chances of getting paid faster. Include an online option, and do your research to assure that the methods are not only easy to use, but safe and secure.
  • Payment Terms Specify the terms of payment. Do you require payment in full? Do you provide a discount for early payment? What fees are charged for late payments?
  • Acceptance & Signature Add a line for your client to sign and date the invoice upon payment.

Optional Sections to Include in a Remodeling Invoice Template

In some cases, you may want to go beyond the basics and include additional details in a remodeling invoice to provide further clarity or increase the chances that your client will refer your business to others.

  • Project Address This may be helpful, especially if the home renovation work was conducted on a vacation or second home that differs from your client’s mailing address.
  • Dates of Work Again, this may be needed to provide clarity on which work is included in the invoice. 
  • Thank You Note Adding a personal touch such as a hand-written note  of gratitude for your clients business leaves a positive final impression that shows your professionalism and could lead to future work. 
  • Future Remodeling Projects Suggest projects you could help your clients with down the road, or highlight some of your other ongoing or past projects. 
  • Your Website Make it easy for your clients to keep in touch and refer your services to family and friends by including your website address and any social media accounts.

How to Create a Home Remodeling Invoice Template Step-by-Step

Now that you know what to include in a home remodeling invoice, here are the steps for how to do it.

  • Choose an Invoice Tool Every remodeler knows that having the right tools matters. Luckily, technology makes the business end of running your company easier. Decide whether you are going to use a remodeling invoice template or a remodeling invoicing software.
  • Review Gather all the information you need and review the documentation. This is likely to include the initial estimate, quote or bid, change orders and time/expense logs. 
  • Outline Materials Used Provide details of the materials used and associated costs. This may include countertops, lumber and all the other products that made up the remodeling project. 
  • Detail Labor Used List the amount and type of labor and tradespeople who worked on the remodeling project. Show the hourly rates, time worked and total cost.
  • Cover Your Overhead Make sure you have incorporated your business expenses. Figure your annual costs for running your company and then prorate that number to the amount of time it took to carry out the project. 
  • Profit Ensure that you have figured in your expected profit so that your business continues to grow and thrive.
  • Calculate Total Costs Once you have accounted for all the costs, add them up to reach the balance due. 
  • Seek a Second Opinion Ask someone you trust to give the invoice one final look.
  • Review & Send Review the invoice again and then send it to your client.
  • Track Payments Check when the invoice is paid and follow up on any late invoices.

Alternatives to home remodeling invoice templates

In addition to downloadable home remodeling invoice templates, more advanced solutions are available for remodelers to reach their goals more efficiently.

Invoice and billing software lets you create invoices, accept deposits and provide clients a convenient way to pay online. You can build customized payment schedules, send automatic payment requests and integrate the software with your accounting programs. 

Houzz Pro remodeler business software is all in one and so you can also track projects, collaborate with your team, and manage your  communication with clients all from one place.   Check out Houzz Pro invoice and billing software to learn how it can help your business.

Final Remodeler Invoicing Tips

Before you head out to write up that remodeling invoice, check out these final tips:

  • Document Before You Start Work Doing the front end work makes invoicing easier at the end of a project. Make sure you document the costs of the project with an initial estimate, quote or bid. This can help prevent misunderstandings when it is time for clients to pay for the project.  
  • Use a Tracking Tool Track the time and expenses throughout the project so that you will have the information at your fingertips when you write up an invoice.
  • Provide Details Err on the side of too many details, especially when a project is extra complex. This professionalism builds trust with your clients and helps them see exactly what work was performed and the value they are receiving for that work. 
  • Consider Deposits Seeking a deposit up front improves your cash flow and reinforces that your client is committed to the project.
  • Offer Payment Schedules Allowing customers to pay for the project in stages can help both you and them manage their budgets. 
  • Use an Invoice Management Software The more your business grows, the more you will need an intuitive system that helps you manage and organize invoices and other business details. A management software helps take the burden off you and your team by making the tasks of running a business more efficient. Most importantly, it helps avoid costly errors. 
  • Keep Invoices Secure Protect the privacy of your company and that of your clients by storing your invoices in a safe, secure place. Develop a system or adopt a tool that helps keep them organized and easy for you to locate.
  • Create a Tracking System for Unpaid Invoices No remodeler can afford to leave money on the table. Have a way to track invoices that are not paid on time, and develop a system for handling them. If a payment is overdue, follow up with a friendly reminder. The client may have simply overlooked it. If the payment is not received in a reasonable time, make a more formal request. Document and save all your interactions to help resolve any possible disputes.
  • Make Payment Terms Clear Provide clarity on when a payment is due and the fees you charge for late payments by stating the information on the invoice.


Remodeling invoices are one of the cornerstones to running a successful home remodeling business. Delivering accurate and professional invoices builds trust with your clients, helps you with your business record-keeping and ensures that you get paid promptly for your hard work. 

Learning to draft invoices is easier when you use a remodeling invoice template or draw inspiration from a remodeling invoice example, and even more efficient when you invest in remodeler business software. Sign up for a free trial of Houzz Pro to explore our invoicing features and business software for remodelers. 

Learn more about how to grow your remodeling business and How to Do a Remodeling Estimate. 

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