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Investing in Great Project Photography Is Essential — Here’s Why

Land high-end and other clients by showcasing your design work in its best light

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You might be tempted to snap a few smartphone pics of your latest project, upload them to your website or business profile, and call it a day. But think twice. Your photos directly represent your business. What are they telling prospective clients if they’re not professional quality? Whether you’re seeking clients in the luxury space or not, these three reasons explain why hiring a pro photographer is a much smarter move than taking the DIY route.

1. High-end photos attract clients with both high and lower budgets.

Buyers in the luxury market expect the best, starting with their very first interaction with a company. And especially for something as personal as their home, they want to hire someone they know they can trust. So if you’re looking to draw a high-end clientele, you want your photos to be top notch and convey that you care about quality down to the tiniest detail. But even if prospective clients are more budget-minded, you’ll still want professionally taken project photos. Why? Because they’ll set you apart from other professionals targeting the same clientele and looking to save on cost. In fact, high-quality photos could be what makes any client choose you over competitors. 

“Don’t shortchange yourself by not opting for professional photography,” says Eugene Sakai of Studio S Squared Architecture. “You may think you’re saving money, but in reality, you’re costing yourself potential clients by not representing your work in its best possible light.” 

“When you show up to a prospective client’s home, you don’t show up in sweats and bedhead; you show up looking sharp,” says Jeannine Burnett, founder of Access Design + Build. “Your photos need to look just as professional, crisp and inviting. Taking a photo from your phone or with insufficient lighting can make a great project look subpar. Your photographer can help you put your best foot forward and be a tool to get more clients.”

2. Premium photos can increase revenue. 

Professional photos make your design work look more expensive. So even if you start out by drawing clients with budgets at all levels, you can steadily increase the spending range over time to where it feels like the best fit for you. 

“Our strategy from the beginning was to show the most good-looking and premium images on Houzz,” says Anatoly Black of interior design firm Black & Milk. “We hired the most expensive and the most experienced photographer in London, and it worked. With professional photography, you may be spending more of your budget, but when clients see the quality, they’ll often value your work at a higher price point.”

What could those price points actually look like? “Say you spend $100,000 on photography,” Black says. “Now it looks so good that the next client will come in and say, ‘Here is $200,000.’ So then you work hard on the next project so it looks like $400,000, and that’s how you grow.”

3. Amazing photos make you memorable. 

We’re all inundated with images everywhere we turn: websites, magazines, billboards and more. How many of those images stick with you even an hour later? Stunning project photos cut through the noise and give your business the edge of being remembered.  

“As a custom builder, you are basically building yourself out of a job every time you complete a project, and you don’t have a model home or anything to really show your work once your client moves into it,” says Pierrette Tierney-Magleby, vice president of business development for custom home builder Magleby Construction. “We make it a point to take professional architectural photos and occasionally also video or drone footage of our projects so we have a portfolio of images.”

Beautiful photos can also lead to awards that make your business even more memorable and your services even more desirable. Companies with professionally taken photos are more likely to be considered for the Best of Houzz awards, which are given based on the popularity of images uploaded to Houzz profiles. These awards are earned by only about 3% of pros each year, so having a Best of Houzz badge on your profile is an honor that can translate into trust and more clients.  

“When a project is photographed well, it stands out,” says Brian Berg of Rocketwood Cabinetry. Photography that captures your work perfectly makes a big difference to potential clients who are looking to hire.” 

Where to Find Great Pro Photographers

Start by checking out all the photographers on Houzz, or if you use Houzz Pro, you can now have your professional photos taken hassle free with PerfectCapture™ — a new photography service from Houzz Pro. We work with seasoned photographers who will capture your latest work. Follow our simple process to schedule the shoot, prep the space and within a week crisp, professional images will be uploaded (and noticed) on your profile! Want to book a shoot? Click here.

See also our guide to getting great photography. And remember, great photos are an investment. While you’ll lay out the added cost initially, you’re more likely to reap the rewards of higher revenues and a stellar business image.

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