How to Create Your Marketing Email Lists

Win more jobs and communicate professionally with your leads, clients, and vendors with Houzz Pro Email Marketing. To send your bulk marketing emails, you’ll need to create an email list(s). We recommend doing this before you begin setting up the email. These curated lists will help ensure you send the right content to the right audience, making your marketing efforts more efficient and effective.

Follow these steps to create your marketing email lists:

1) In the Email Marketing section of Houzz Pro (found under the Company icon in the left navigation) go to the Lists tab and click Create Email List in the top right.

2) Give your list a clear name and click Create List.

3) Click Add New Contact, where you can choose to Add from Existing List, Import from File (learn more here), Import from Gmail, or Create New Contact (new contacts will be added to the email list and their respective system list — clients, vendors etc.).

Add From Existing List: This option allows you to select from your existing system lists, including your Clients, Vendors and Leads. Simply choose the list from the dropdown you want to add from, then use the checkboxes to mark any contacts you want added to the new list. You can add multiple contacts from different existing lists to the new list.

4) Once you've chosen all of the necessary contacts, your list is ready to be used in an email marketing campaign. When a campaign is ready to be sent, select the relevant list from the dropdown in Step 2 - Send to Recipients. To edit the list you have selected before you send, you can always click Edit Email List to be taken directly to the List section for editing.

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