How our landscape construction workflow management software works

Planning out the next few weeks or months is a cinch with Houzz Pro. Visual project timelines available in Gantt or calendar view help you spot dependencies before they become delays. When things come up, quickly adjust schedules to keep all teams, vendors and clients on the same page.


Timelines that are as easy to build as they are to adjust

Use our landscape project management software to list each project milestone and visually estimate project duration. When things come up, it’s easy to drag and adjust your timelines so teams, vendors and clients always have access to the most up-to-date plan.


Landscape project management software that helps you take back your nights and weekends

When you have 100 tasks to get done and 10 different platforms to get them done on, it sure eats into your productivity. With Houzz Pro, you can source quality landscape contractor leads via a custom website, build estimates, set project schedules and manage change orders all from one single tool.


Always work off of the right information

Cloud-based file sharing is like insurance to prevent work being done on outdated information. Houzz Pro helps limit costly mistakes by enabling you, clients and vendors to instantly edit, send and receive documents. With our landscape project management software you can enjoy the peace of mind knowing everyone involved with a project is working off of the right information.


Get paid for every minute you work

Logging time can feel like the last thing you need to prioritize, but project profitability is at risk without it. With Houzz Pro’s landscape project management software, it’s not a chore to log your time. With stopwatches (and the ability to run more than one at once), it might actually be the easiest thing you do today.


Project management software for landscapers who want to keep money in their pocket

Your expense records might be strewn about a number of different paper or electronic records – or even on the floor of your truck. Houzz Pro was created to help tighten up your cash flow and save where you can. Our landscape construction project management software simplifies the process of recording every dollar in and every dollar out.

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