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Video: Is Interior Design A Good Career?

A "good career" may mean one thing to you and something else to another! Find out if interior design would be a good career for you based on interests & needs.

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A "good career" may mean one thing to you and something else to another! Find out if interior designing would be a promising career for you based on your interests & needs.

There isn’t any career that is one size fits all but if you follow certain steps interior design can be a very rewarding career choice. A “good” career will not look the same for everyone. When trying to see what is the best fit for you it may be useful to ask yourself these questions: 

  • Do you feel passionate about this career field?
  • Does this career offer a schedule that fits your lifestyle? 
  • Does this career provide the financial security you are looking for? 

This article will walk you through helpful information, data points from surveys, and quotes from real interior designers to help you get a read on whether interior designers are happy and decide if interior designing is a good career for you. Get started by watching or listening as real pros discuss their answer to the question “is interior design a good career?” in the video above.

Will you feel motivated by an interior design career?

Deciding if interior design is a good career comes down to understanding how it will motivate you. Any career that motivates you is going to be a good choice. But what makes a career motivating? One of the first things is the amount of creative expression allowed in this field. 13% of interior designers surveyed by Houzz in 2022 said that using work as a creative outlet was one of their favorite parts of the job. Another motivating aspect of the interior design field is the potential for entrepreneurship. Many interior designers start their own businesses after a few years of experience with an interior design firm. Although starting your own business can be challenging it could potentially be very rewarding in the end. 

In the interior design field, there is consistent room for growth and opportunities to learn new skills. No interior design project is the same so you will always be in a constant state of learning which can be very exciting. During the lifespan of one project, you may work with 5 or more other professionals. This can give you the opportunity to collaborate with new people and broaden your range of knowledge about interior design concepts.

Before you make the call on whether being an interior designer is a good job, check out our articles available to give you a more in-depth look into the career. Get started by reading What Interior Designers Do and Interior Designer Responsibilities to answer any immediate questions you may have. You can also take a look at the Pros and Cons of Being an Interior Designer and hear from real interior designers who have made it in the industry.

Will interior design fit in with your desired lifestyle?

One major part of deciding if interior designing could be a good career for you is to consider your current lifestyle or the lifestyle you want. Interior design is a career that can offer a lot of flexibility. For example, most interior designers do not spend the majority of their time in an office. During a project, you may be required to visit the site, meet with clients, or even visit different stores/vendors for supplies. If you’re considering becoming an interior designer, it’s helpful to know the types of work settings you’ll be in and what your options are — whether working at a firm, retail business, or working for yourself. For a more in-depth look at where interior designers work take a look at our article Where Do Interior Designers Work

As an interior designer, you may not work out of a traditional office but you will still have to dedicate a good amount of time to your projects.  In 2022, the majority (59%) of interior designers surveyed by Houzz reported that they work between 31 and 50 hours per week. The most common response was between 41-50 hours per week. To get a closer look at how interior designers spend their time read How Many Hours Do Interior Designers Work next. 

Do interior designers help others? (spoiler: they do!)

The main goal of interior designers is to make a space functional and inviting for their clients. As an interior designer, you can make an impact on people’s everyday lives. In a 2022 survey conducted by Houzz, we asked interior designers what their favorite part of the job is. One anonymous survey responder said that “Creating beautiful spaces for our clients and improving their quality of life through design” was their favorite part of the job. Interior designers are responsible for more than just the design but also how the completed project makes the client feel. It is also rewarding for interior designers to feel like they succeeded in following the client’s vision and giving the client what they want. Kirby Foster Hurd, interior designer at Kirby Home Design in Oklahoma City, OK, said that “there’s just nothing like hearing someone say you’ve changed their life.” 

Will interior design provide the security you need?

Security is a very important thing to consider when determining if interior design is worth it. When trying to decide if a career is a good fit you may want to think about financial security. Financial security means having enough money to cover your expenses, emergencies, and retirement without the fear of running out. Depending on where you are in your career that will determine how much money you are bringing but overall interior designers are capable of learning a salary that makes them feel secure. Read our articles How Much Interior Designers Make and Are Interior Designers In Demand to get a closer look into the type of financial security interior designing can provide. 

The next type of security you should consider is emotional security which in this case means you feel supported and happy with the people that you work with. One of the advantages of being an interior designer is that during one project you can work with 5 or more other professionals. This means that if you have a good team around you, you are likely to feel secure in the environment you work in. Learn more about Who Interior Designers Work With in our next guide. 

Are interior designers happy?

In a 2022 survey conducted by Houzz, when asked on a scale of 1-5 with 5 being very happy and 1 being not happy at all, the majority (49%) of interior designers surveyed rated their happiness level as 5 (very happy). From our survey, we can assume that the answer to, “are interior designers happy?” is yes, at least for most. 

Conclusion: Is interior design worth it?

Is interior design worth it? We can’t answer for you but after learning more about what motivates interior designers, and how they help others you can make a better-informed decision for yourself. If you do decide that a career in interior design is worth it, check out our article on How to Become an Interior Designer.

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