"We really like using Houzz Pro CRM - it’s really helpful for us and primarily what we use for lead management. Overall, Houzz keeps us organized and I feel like I’ve been seeing consistent updates and improvements to the features that matter the most to us."


The landscape CRM that tracks your leads from “new” to “won”

Leads come from many different sources: phone calls, emails, ads, your Houzz directory listing, your friend’s brother Sam. Our landscape CRM helps you track and manage leads through each stage so you always know what your next step is, and when to follow up. If you have enough work (lucky you!), just “snooze” your leads and we’ll remind you later so you never miss out on future job opportunities.


Connect virtually without the hassle

Say goodbye to extra scheduling and hosting tools. Our landscape CRM has everything you need for quality video calls. Whether you’re meeting with a prospect or catching up with an existing client, our software allows homeowners to book time directly on your calendar so you can focus on other things. Once the meeting is scheduled, you’ll both get a confirmation email so the only thing you need to do is show up.


The landscape CRM that helps attract the right clients, and keep them coming back.

Email is not only effective at generating new business, it’s also a great way to stay top-of-mind with existing clients (psst, landscaping tips and incentives provide a lot of value). But email marketing software can add to your monthly operating costs, so we built it right into our landscape CRM software. With templates designed for your business, a drag-and-drop interface, auto-saved lists and analytics, email marketing might be the easiest item to check off your todo list.

Added benefits of our landscape CRM that make your client’s life (and yours!) easier.

Keep clients updated about what’s happening, when. Weather delay? Just update the timeline so everything is up to date. Clients can even see what’s awaiting their approval so they aren’t unknowingly holding things up.

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