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How to Create Timeline DependenicesHow to Create and Manage Your TasksCollaborating with Your Team on Houzz ProManaging Time/Expense Rates for Different Team MembersHow to Invite and Collaborate with SubcontractorsHow to Invite and Collaborate with SubcontractorsRefund StatusHow to Remove Team Members From Your AccountWrong Item ReceivedSourcing ProductsHow to Use Daily Logs from Your Mobile DeviceUpdating Order InformationReturn Request StatusLarge or Bulk OrdersPurchasing Through a Houzz Pro Purchasing AgentHow to Access Your FilesHow to Archive and Unarchive a ProjectDelivery OptionsTracking InformationExporting Client and Vendor ListsIncomplete OrderHow to Delete a ClientHow to Handle a ReturnSaving Multiple Addresses for a ProjectCheck Out IssuesHow to Generate Tear SheetsHow to Print Your DocumentFailed to Charge OrderHow to Add an Estimated Delivery DateOrganizing Different Projects for the Same ClientWhat is the Houzz Trade Program?How to Categorize Your VendorsCanceling an OrderFurniture, Fixtures and Equipment SchedulesCan I Merge Projects or Create Sub-Projects?How do I enroll in the Houzz Trade Program?Creating NotesHow to Edit Team Member Access PermissionsUsing Templates for the Memo Section of Your DocumentsUsing Templates for the Memo Section of Your DocumentsHow to Edit Team Member Access PermissionsCreating and Sharing Daily LogsCreating and Sharing Daily LogsHow to Create a New ProjectHow to Create a TimelineHow to Share Your TimelineHow to Create a New ProjectUsing Templates for the Terms & Conditions Section of Your Documents