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What Do Interior Designers Wear To Work?

Learn how to dress like an interior designer & read tips from real pros on everything from what to wear in the office to what male interior designers wear.

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When learning how to dress like an interior designer, remember the way you dress is part of your sales technique. Clients are paying for their taste, and this feeds into the way you should dress, so it’s important to wear clothes that express your unique style. 

An interior designer’s wardrobe should also be appropriate for multiple work environments and contain a variety of situation-appropriate outfits, from practical site wear to sophisticated client-facing attire. However, above all else, an interior designer’s priority should be to always convey a smart and professional appearance in this incredibly visual industry, as their look and style can instantly impact a client’s impression of them and their work. If a client is unhappy with your personal image and color choices, they may be less likely to be impressed with your interior style as well. 

Read on for more helpful tips from pros on how to dress for success in all work environments and ensure your are truly reflecting your interior design work every time. 

What do interior designers wear to work?

What an interior designer wears to work will entirely depend on their work setting, and these multiple work environments may require different wardrobe needs. The secret to learning how to dress like an interior designer is to take inspiration from interior design principles and layer a neutral base. 

Develop a classic capsule wardrobe of neutral basics, such as blacks, whites and gray pieces, and you’ll be able to adapt your timeless outfit at short notice with add-ons or accessories, to suit the environment you are visiting. For example, if you need to smarten up a practical site get-up of jeans and a t-shirt, you can easily embellish it with an eye-catching necklace, a colorful tank or patterned scarf. Or perhaps a simple dress can be quickly smartened with a cardigan or blazer if invited to an impromptu client coffee meeting. 

In all environments, however, it’s crucial that your interior designer wardrobe makes you feel happy and confident as this will reflect in your body language. Even on site where you will be discussing issues with architects, builders and other subcontractors, you should dress practically but with an air of assertiveness.   

What do interior designers wear when working from a home office?

According to a study conducted by Houzz in 2022, nearly 4 in 5 Interior designers conduct the majority of their work from home or home office, and therefore, a casual and relaxed outfit will suffice if there aren't any appointments scheduled with clients or other colleagues. Both these pros agree. 

“If I’m just staying home and I’m not meeting clients, I wear whatever is convenient,” says Ekaterina Groznaya, Interior Designer at Studio E Designs in Magnolia, TX

“When I’m at home, I’m keeping it pretty casual,” comments Kirby Foster Hurd, Interior Designer at Kirby Home Design in Oklahoma City, OK.

That being said, it’s always wise to have a stylish jumper or an elegant jacket on hand that can be thrown over any casual wear should a client pop in unexpectedly. That’s where a doorbell with a camera can come in handy too!

If you conduct lots of virtual meetings with clients, vendors or contractors, be sure to wear a sophisticated and professional style top, such as a shirt or blouse.

What do interior designers wear to work in a corporate office?

When working for an interior design firm or architectural company that has a strict clothing policy, your interior designer wardrobe should be full of professional and elegant outfits that are appropriate for a business environment. Think suit jackets, conservative blouses or skirts and sophisticated dresses. However, if the office has a more creative vibe, then an interior designer may be allowed to wear more contemporary, trend-led fashion, such as a linen jumpsuit or a floaty patterned skirt. After all, the client is paying for their design eye, and therefore, the interior designer should demonstrate their knowledge of what is in vogue. 

Jolene Irons, Interior Designer at Cedar & Fig in Renton, WA, believes that when dressing you should “remember that you are a representation of your work.” This is a great bit of advice as your outfit sends a message to clients about your general aesthetic and style. 

What do interior designers wear at job sites?

Part of an interior designer’s role is to visit job sites to either measure up for a project or check on the progress of a job. These sites can often be demolition areas with dirt, dust and rubble everywhere, therefore, you shouldn’t wear anything you don’t want to catch or ruin. And definitely no heels. 

This pro believes what you wear to a job site depends on the stage of the project. “If it’s truly a construction site with framing going up, for example, you’re going to wear anything you would wear to the office, but with comfortable shoes. You don’t want to wear heels on site. If you are just going to the job site to see the furniture placement when everything’s finished up and there are no nails laying around, that’s different,” says Ekaterina Groznaya, Interior Designer at Studio E Designs in Magnolia, TX

Another great pro tip comes from Kirby Foster Hurd, Interior Designer at Kirby Home Design in Oklahoma City, OK. “So, shoe changes are huge. I definitely recommend keeping an extra pair of shoes in the car. I never go into the field too casual–I’d say business casual for the field. I think it’s acceptable to wear jeans.”

If you can’t bear to be without heels at a job site, at least choose a chunky heeled pair that will be more practical on uneven floors and up ladders should you need to climb them.

What do interior designers wear for client presentations?

Client presentations play a crucial part in securing interior design projects, and therefore, your interior designer wardrobe should be hitting all the right notes as well. 

To put together the right outfit, consider the kind of job you are pitching for, and then you can plan appropriately. For example, if you are pitching to a big business client to redesign a hotel or restaurant, consider a more corporate style outfit, such as a jacket and skirt suit with heels. On the other hand, if you are visiting a client in their home to discuss redesigning their property, you’ll want to come across relaxed, approachable and in touch with the latest trends, so a more smart, casual get-up should work perfectly, such as a long, floaty skirt, t-shirt and leather jacket. 

Irons has a brilliant shoe tip when it comes to visiting a client’s home. “When you are getting ready to go to a client’s house, think about the fact that you might be taking your shoes off, particularly if you have heels and they have hardwood floors. I try to buy shoes that are easy to get off and on, and if I don’t have socks on, I make sure to have at least clean, manicured toes.”

She also believes dressing to visit a client in their home is all about showcasing herself and her style without being too flashy. “When I’m with clients, I feel like I’m a representation of my work, so my thought is that I should be able to pull an outfit together the way I could pull a room together. Especially with the first meeting, I try to keep it very simple but put together because I never know the client and what their tastes are. I want to make sure I’m not offensive or over the top.” 

Foster-Hurd also thinks dressing appropriately for client presentations is critical. “This could be the first meeting you have with a potential client and first impressions count. So, if you’ve been on site that day, definitely think about planning some transitional pieces in order to look smart.” 

What do interior designers wear while out shopping for client projects?

Comfort is key when out shopping on your feet all day for client projects, however, it’s still important to look neat and tidy as you are still representing your brand. You may meet manufacturers or vendors and discuss collaborations, or you may even bump into a client.  “Even if I’m out shopping for clients or gathering samples, my profession might come up in conversation with either somebody shopping at the store or an employee. I want to make sure that I reflect my work and also my company. So I just feel that whenever I’m out in public as a designer, I want to make sure my attire fits that,” says Irons.

Choose an outfit that’s comfortable yet sophisticated, such as jeans with a soft jersey and brightly colored shirt underneath, or a long elegant coat over the top. Accessories, like a hat, scarf or eye-catching earrings can also elevate a simple outfit and can be removed when needed. 

Foster-Hurd thinks it’s about striking the right balance between chic and laid back. “If I’m meeting at a vendor’s office, I dress it up a little bit more than when I’m at home, but I might be handling materials, which can get messy. So, do whatever you need to do to strike that balance. If you’re wearing a dress or jeans, maybe just throw a sport coat over it.” 

What do male interior designers wear?

Male designers will encounter the same work environments as female interior designers, and therefore, the same principles as above apply when learning what male interior designers wear. For example, if a male interior designer is working from home, comfy jeans in black or blue will be a popular choice as they can be dressed up for virtual meetings with a smart cotton shirt or polo shirt. A neat jersey in a pale neutral color will quickly add a layer of interest too. 

For corporate office and client meetings, a male interior designer is likely to feel comfortable in a sleek, dapper suit, accompanied by polished shoes and a bold watch. Wearing brands and designer accessories, like sunglasses, jewelry and bags, sends a strong message about their approach to interior design.

On a visit to a job site, however, a male interior designer may wear a comfortable and practical combo of jeans and a t-shirt, but this can quickly be smartened with a stylish Barbour style jacket should the need arise. 


All interior designers are ultimately a walking, talking advert for their brand and interior work, therefore, the way they dress must be on point with the right messaging. When refining your interior designer wardrobe, it’s also important to judge the mood of the situation and dress appropriately. Overall, interior designers are expected to dress well and with a touch of flair.

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