The Residential Construction Startup Guide

Learn how to transform your skills into a thriving construction business.

Residential Construction: Is it the Right Path for You?

The construction field provides a range of opportunities, job security, and good pay. By learning the skills of the trade and gaining experience, you can advance in the field and turn construction into a lifetime career or even a business enterprise. Discover the wide variety of job positions available to determine which role is right for you.

How to Break into the Residential Construction Field

Getting your first job in residential construction may not be as difficult as you might first imagine. Those who are willing to start in an entry-level position stand to gain initial experience and begin learning the skills that can lead to promotions and growth up the ladder. 

With an industry labor shortage, the demand for quality workers is high. Even with little or no experience, aspiring construction workers can enter the field with just a high school degree. Many employers also offer apprenticeships or other on the job training. For those seeking to learn through higher education or to add to their knowledge base, there are also plenty of construction degree and certification programs available at various lengths and costs. 

Learn more about the educational opportunities and find out tips of how to break into the construction field.

How to Get into Residential Construction

How to Become a Remodeler

How to Become a Home Builder

How to Become a General Contractor

Guide to the Top Construction Schools

Guide to Construction Certifications

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How to Break Ground on Your Own Construction Business

It’s not unusual for home builders who gain the experience and know-how of the construction trade to strike out on their own. Starting your own business means you can be your own boss, and provides the chance to create your personal brand of building for years to come. It is a pursuit that is rarely dull, and as challenging as it is rewarding. 

Learn what kind of residential construction ventures are most common, and what it takes to run your own company

How to Take Your Construction Business to the Next Level

Growing a residential construction business takes serious time, dedication and creativity. Learn everything you need to know about hiring, pricing jobs, marketing, finding leads, managing projects, harnessing high-tech tools, networking throughout the industry and more.


How Home Builder Bryan Payne Launched Revenue and Profitability Ahead Two Years

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Residential construction is a rewarding career that lets you channel your creative energy and skills into building new things and giving tired, dated living spaces a makeover. Let your construction career adventure begin!

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