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    Make More Money

    Houzz Pro helps flooring dealers & installers generate more revenue

  • 64%

    Estimate Faster

    Flooring dealers & installers create estimates twice as fast or faster

  • 50%

    Save on Hiring

    Houzz Pro is like having a team member you don't have to hire

  • 82%

    Communicate Better

    Houzz Pro helps flooring dealers & installers communicate better with clients

Based on a Dec. 2021 survey of current U.S. Houzz Pro Customers, out of those who had an opinion

Your joist for better lead generation

Included with any subscription of our flooring software program is a premium profile on Houzz, the #1 most used website for homeowners seeking help for residential projects. Through business standouts, a featured review, a highlight video and more, you'll be able to proudly display your best work and attract the attention of eager homeowners.


Track leads all the way to “won”

Every new job starts here. Our flooring contractor software manages new business inquiries from any source. Track and monitor leads from your Houzz Pro email account or from Gmail, plus leads from phone calls, referrals, ads, your Houzz directory listing—wherever they come from. Move your lead from stage to stage so you know when to follow up, and what the next step is. Too busy to take on more work? Just “snooze” those leads until later so you can focus on your current work without missing out on future jobs. Easy does it.


Takeoffs that refinish your estimating process

Ditch the calculator and save hours by bidding on projects with Houzz Pro takeoffs. Just upload the floor plan, then click your way to accurate room measurements in minutes—even those oddly shaped spaces. And with local material and labor costs built right in, you can automatically calculate the project costs on your first go. No guesswork required. Best of all, your prospect will receive a professionally branded estimate they can sign and approve on the spot. Job won.


Estimate for every baseboard, gloss and finish

Not only will your estimates be branded with your company name and logo, but they're also completely customizable to help you create the most efficient estimating process. Leverage our cost database to source local labor and material pricing or upload your own. Add terms, customize your delivery email message and more. Creating estimates with our flooring software program helps you present as the most professional flooring contractor in town.


Celebrate more paydays

Our flooring business software lets you quickly turn estimates into invoices that clients can conveniently pay online with a credit card or bank transfer (you choose which payment options to make available). Our research shows that 90% of homeowners prefer to pay online, so give them what they want and deposit money into your account faster. Double win.

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EssentialStand out, show off your work, manage your business.$0/moduring 30 day free trial, then $99/moView Plan
ProAccelerate growth & benefit from financial reporting.$0/moduring 30 day free trial, then $149/moView Plan
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Collaborative flooring management software

With Teams, you and your flooring crew will always be in sync. Assign employees general access so they can follow up with leads and see the big picture, or give permission on a project-by-project basis. You control who sees what, empowering subs to submit daily logs, track their hours and message clients only for the jobs they work on.


Reports that have your back

You don't have all day to pour over complex financial statements. Our intuitive insights and analytics can be accessed quickly from your Houzz Pro dashboard. We know what questions you'll have about your business — profitability, projections, the works. That's why we give you the data to find answers in a snap so you can get back to the work where you're needed most.


Don't guess about where to invest

Whether it be people or projects, you should know where your resources are going. That's why time and expense tracking from our flooring management software is critical for any contractor. Track every minute spent on a project and every dollar spent on expenses so you can see who or what is driving your business forward. With simple receipt uploading and a stopwatch tool, everyone on your team can pick it up.


The flooring company software you can access from anywhere

We know you don't sit at a desk all day so our flooring contractor software goes where you go. Send an estimate from a job site. Follow up with a General Contractor from the car. Pull an expense report from your desk. You can do it all from anywhere with Houzz Pro.


The flooring software program that won't warp your current processes

No need to change the way you work on account of our flooring software program. Houzz Pro is built to fit right in with your other business management tools. From QuickBooks Online to Gmail and Zoom, getting connected is not just simple, it's fast.

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