How to Use the Houzz Pro Gmail Extension

The free Houzz Pro Gmail extension helps you manage your leads quickly and easily. With just a few clicks, you can add new or existing email communications directly to the leads section of Houzz Pro. This will save the entire conversation — including the email text, photos, files and documents — so you can view and edit within the Houzz Pro software.

To start using this feature, click this link to access the Houzz Pro Gmail extension from the Chrome Web Store. Select the Add to Chrome button, then select Add Extension from the pop-up screen. The extension icon should now appear in your Chrome toolbar.

Once installed, you can now go to your Gmail inbox to start using the extension.

In this example, a homeowner reached out about a kitchen remodel. The homeowner has design ideas and seems eager to move forward, so it seems like an interesting project.

To add the lead to Houzz Pro, click Reply to respond to the email and trigger the extension.

In the email reply box, a pop-up will appear asking if you would like to authorize inbox permissions. You will need to give permission in order to use the extension. When you select Authorize with Google, you can then move forward with your email response.

As you write your email, select Templates to save time and use one of the quick reply templates. You can also insert a meeting link if your calendar is connected (read more about connecting your calendar here). Be sure to click the Add to Houzz Pro CRM check box to add the lead to Houzz Pro.

Once ready, click Send.

Now it's time to view the lead within Houzz Pro. To access your leads list, click the Leads icon in your left navigation. Your new lead will now appear at the top of the list. To edit or view the lead details, click the lead name, or select the three dots icon, then click Edit from the dropdown.

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