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Interior Design Website Inspiration to Draw Visitors to Every Page

Use these best-in-class website examples to get inspiration for your own business website. Then learn how to turn inspiration into ideas for your own site.

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Your interior design website is likely the first place people go to gain a sense of a firm’s design aesthetic, portfolio of past projects and services offered, therefore making a strong and stylish opening statement through visuals and words is the difference between future clients clicking on, or away from a website. 

To provide a dose of interior design website inspiration, we’ve gathered some of the best interior design website examples where designers convey their design ethos and professional work in effective and beautiful ways. Here’s our pick of 12 interior design websites that not only make a lasting first impression, but make exploring beyond the first click utterly irresistible.

Use these best-in-class interior design website examples as inspiration for starting your own interior design business website or raising the bar on your current one. Then learn how to turn inspiration into ideas for your own website.

Interior Design Website Homepage Inspiration

The homepage is where it all begins, and these two interior designers get it right:

Motivo Home

The stylish opening to this interior design website immediately shows why Motivo Home is ‘“the new design in Florida.” The full page photograph of Motivo Home owner Andrea Motivo casually dressed standing at a grand entrance open to a home’s foyer is an apt visual entry to her firm’s philosophy that interior design should be a combination of luxury and functionality. The succinct homepage text immediately conveys this designer’s mission, experience and what clients can expect when working with them. 

Takeaway: Show and tell

Kate Roos Design

A modern kitchen with white cabinetry, corner breakfast nook and buckets of pink tulips set in its deep sink is the photographic star of this interior design website homepage, and it should be.  Kate Roos Design offers design services for the entire home with a specialty in kitchen and bath design. This welcoming kitchen lets homeowners imagine what it would be like to invite the designer to their own kitchen for a consultation. The homepage immediately answers questions around that too. Its above-the-fold messaging explains that the entire Kate Roos Design team is fully vaccinated and ready to meet in person, masked or not. Or, for those who prefer it, e-design is perfectly fine too. At the start, this firm addresses pandemic related questions that potential interior design customers may have.

Takeaway: Anticipate client questions

Interior Design Website Portfolio Inspiration

What’s more important than showing prospective clients the interior design projects that make a firm stand out?  Here’s how two interior designers draw website visitors to their best work: 

Kirby Home Designs

An above-the-fold photo carousel of stunning projects greets users on the homepage of Kirby Home Designs website, and leaves them wanting more. Luckily, more visuals are easy to find in a click to the portfolio page of this easy-to-navigate website for this award-winning Oklahoma interior designer. The large, striking, high res imagery showcases this interior designer’s best work. And with just a click upon click, users can journey deeper into each project to get a grand tour and feel for her design aesthetic and the type of projects she specializes in.

Takeaway: Visuals, visuals, visuals!

Land & Luxury Studio

“Stand out in a sea of sameness,” is the motto of the  Land & Luxury Studio home staging and interior design business based in Dallas. Its website portfolio page does just that. Visitors are offered an eye-pleasing photographic voyage through a wide variety of interior design and staging projects. With the title of each project popping up when they hover over a photograph, they can see immediately whether this is the type of project they are seeking help with, or if the one next to it is a better fit. This saves needless clicking, making for a user-friendly experience. And, because the designer includes both examples of interior design and staging work, the users get a view of all of the services offered.

Takeaway: Simplify the journey

Interior Design Website ‘About Page’ Inspiration

Showing clients the experience, style and faces of those who will be designing their dreams can make or break a deal. Here are some awesome interior design website About Page examples:

KBW Interiors by Karen B. Wolf

On its team page, this interior design firm backs up its messaging that it takes a village to execute exquisite design starting with an inviting photograph of the entire enthusiastic team standing shoulder to shoulder.

Then, it introduces visitors to each KBW Interiors team member with a detailed profile accompanied by a high-quality headshot.  The description showcases their education, experience and design style. There is so much to love about the playful, and succinct one -liner used to convey each team member’s ‘Favorite Design Mix.’ One reads “Transitional Classic Meets Edgy Ralph Lauren.” And, for Creative Principal Karen B. Wolf? “Soft Modern Meets Natural Glamour.”

Takeaway: Be Inclusive

Interior Design Website Services Page Inspiration

This is where the details of design services can make a difference. Check out this interior designer’s approach:

TV Interiors

Redesigning a home or designing it from scratch is an investment for the future, and TV Interiors reminds prospective clients of that right away. Its headline leading the design services page reads “Investment Options.”  The website makes it easy for homeowners to determine whether they could be a good fit by listing three options that include both the starting prices of each and an overview of what each offering includes. Knowing how the interior design services match up to their budget has never been easier for clients. The pricing transparency makes the process more efficient for both client and designer.

Takeaway: Transparency rocks!

Interior Design Blog Inspiration

Engaging with clients through ongoing communication is an effective way to continue a relationship with clients so they return for more. This interior designer does this through blogs: 

Shades of Gray Design Studio

Clients have questions, lots of them, and Melissa Fields, owner of Shades of Gray Design Studio inspires solutions. She regularly blogs about an array of topics that can confound homeowners such as choosing from decks of color palettes, controlling remodeling costs and the first steps to starting an interior design project. She changes up the topics and format, using both videos and written pieces, but maintains the same personalized style throughout. Most importantly she posts news ones frequently so users can return regularly to find something new or easily comb past blogs for the topic on their mind today. 

Takeaway: Be a problem solver  

Interior Design Website Testimonials Page Inspiration

Referrals are the bread and butter for growing any interior design business, and so making it easy for potential clients to read reviews is essential to success. Consider this interior design website idea:

Dee Hurford Designs

Testimonials can be a stuffy word, but Dee Hurford Designs shows that an interior design website testimonials page need not be. The website draws users in immediately with the title:” Kind words from our clients and collaborators.” With the star-rating and date highlighted for each, the designer includes multiple reviews, and provides the option for visitors to click to read more for each. Including these reviews that are considerable in length and detail gives visitors to the website a clear idea of what to expect while working with the Pennsylvania firm. 

Takeaway: Shine your stars!

Interior Design Website Contact Page Inspiration

Make it simple for prospective clients to reach out. Here’s how two interior designers do it well:

Megan Swabb

Simple and fun is the secret to Megan Swabb’s contact page. The catchy title “Don’t be Shy, Say Hi”  captures a visitor’s attention and reflects the designer’s personality. And when users do reach out, the contact form is short and sweet and easy to fill out on the go. To assure they find  the  website contact page, the San Diego interior designer also includes contact messaging  on the home page that welcomes visitors as soon as they click on the website. 

Takeaway: Show your personality 

Ann Ueno Interior Design

Packing plenty of information in a short amount of text, Ann Ueno sets expectations for potential clients immediately on the contact page of her interior designer website. She assures them she will respond within 24 to 48 hours. And, because her contact form is a client questionnaire it provides her as much information as possible about the project the homeowner is envisioning. She ends with a link to her Instagram account as a way to build her following and provide future clients more insights into her work. 

Takeaway: Say a lot with few words   

Interior Design Website ‘Press Mentions’ Inspiration

Third party recognition increases the credibility of an interior design firm to help it grow and thrive. Here’s how one interior designer does it:

Carmit Oron Interior Design

Instead of highlighting the thumbnails of the front covers of the shoutouts from Apartment Therapy, Houzz and others, Carmit Oron Interior Design  first showcases on its website Press page, photographs of the projects that received the praise. This aesthetically pleasing grid of photographs almost doubles as a portfolio page, especially since they include eye-catching before and after photographs of how the Silicon Valley design firm has magically transformed tired, dated interiors. The headlines appear when users hover over each photograph so they can see more and get the full perspective by clicking through to see the press coverage for themselves.

Takeaway: Let pages do double duty

Apply These Great Interior Design Website Examples to Your Business

For those starting their interior design website or wanting to enhance an existing one, these interior design website ideas provide inspiration for starting their journey toward standing out from their competitors. Explore these state-of-the-art interior design websites more to decide which takeaways apply to your interior design business, niche clients and design approach. With research showing that 93% of online shoppers consider photographs an determining factor in making their choices, it is never too early to get started putting together that portfolio of professional visuals that get interior designers recognized through their websites.  Doing so puts interior designers one step closer to creating their own beautiful, effective, best-of -class interior design website. 

Learning from the best

Yes, first impressions do matter and these first-class interior design website examples show how designers impress and inspire on every page of their websites. They make a dramatic entrance with high-resolution professional visuals and short, easy-to-digest descriptions of their firm and design philosophy. They devote attention to every website section, carrying the same aesthetic and style throughout the website to help homeowners decide if their firm is a right match to take on the interior transformations they are dreaming of. And if they are, they make it easy for their future clients to contact them and get started right away!

What’s next?

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