How to Earn the Responds Quickly Badge

Impress homeowners with the Responds Quickly merit badge on your Houzz profile, directory listing, and select match card. This badge shows local homeowners that you are professional and responsive, which helps you potentially get more future jobs.

In fact, Ultimate pros who earned the Responds Quickly badge received a 10% increase in leads, 13% increase in replies from homeowners, and 16% increase in all Live Connections.

Who is This Badge For?

This badge is for Ultimate and Essential pros who respond to at least 80% of eligible homeowner leads from Houzz within 1 business day through one of the following ways with Houzz Pro:

Please note: If you make a direct phone call to the lead without using any of the methods above, the system will not know you responded, so it will not go towards earning the Responds Quickly badge.

Leads that are marked as Spam or Not a Fit won't be included in your responsiveness calculation.

The Responds Quickly badge will automatically appear or disappear based on your responsiveness to Houzz leads in the past 7 days. If there are no new eligible Houzz leads in the past 7 days, your badge status will remain the same.

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