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AR Decor

Continuing. If you want to do the vertical screen, you would need to also have a bottom frame piece attached to the floor. Depending on your floor type you can nail it
or use liquid nails.

In the vertical case, I used each plank with 1" side facing me and 2" side facing the wall. I used each spacing buy simply placing a piece of the wood in between each next plank to space it out evenly.

Next step: using a cut off part of the plank measure 1" distance between the one that is attached to the wall and your next one and secure it with a nail gun used diagonally to the bottom and top frame. Continue for your width. Last plank has to be 2" longer to close up the frame, attaching it to the edges of the ceiling and floor base frame.

Putty the gaps, let it dry, sand it and stain it or paint.

Let me know if you want to know how to do the horizontal one.
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I was thinking vertical. Hmm... might be time to invest in a nail gun!

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Mogul Interior

A wooden panel or a room divider can serve a functional and
decorative purpose at the same time. Wooden room dividers are one of the
most striking home accents.These screens are also very useful for
providing privacy to different members of the family. These wooden room
dividers are used for decoration and beautification. They can be placed
in the living room or the guestroom where they can perk up the beauty of
your interior. As they have lots of deigns and styles, you will not
have any problem finding one which suits your decor. They also have many
shades to choose from.

These antique ornate carved dividers
are also great for office decor as well. They can be used for proving
privacy or creating illusion of space in workplaces as well. They can be
placed in any area and used just for any purpose at all. Create space
for quick outfit changes, a cozy reading nook or whatever your heart


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