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Purple Marigold Leaves

16 years ago

I bought Tashkent Marigold seeds from Southern Exposure Seed Exchange and started them indoors. Seven of the eight that came up (I knew they were poor germinators ahead of time so I started them pretty early, too) were planted outdoors about three weeks ago.

hey seem to be doing okay, aside from the fact most of their leaves have turned reddish purple, and they haven't grown much, and one got attacked by a critter and thus died. The one I kept back indoors because its growth was very very slow is still green and has finally put on a growth spurt so its as big as the others.

I should note that the temps dropped after they were planted outside, tho I do cover them when the temps get below 40 at night. The daytime temps have been up in the 60's, tho, and I'm thinking that they may possibly have gone dormant until the temps get higher. They're still strong and not drooping.

This is the first time I've grown any kind of flowers from seed, especially indoors, and only my second year gardening, so I'm wondering if the purple leaves are a sign I screwed up and sewed them too early indoors, which led to me planting them outdoors too early? Are they gonna die? I hope not...but I do have more seed to direct seed in a few weeks if they do.


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