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Torenia not blooming

June 29, 2011

I have planted several varieties of torenia in both shade and partial shade. They started out beautifully and they continue to be healthy, green and spreading; however, they are not blooming very much. Any suggestions on what I can do to encourage them to bloom more?

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  • ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

    lack of bloom is usually associated with two main variables ...

    1 --- too much shade ... tends to lead to green growth over flower ...

    2 --- too much of the wrong fertilizer ... again.. favoring green growth [nitro] rather than flower ...

    very many alleged shade plants.. are only shade tolerant ... and usually heavy water suckers ... so they prefer shade in the heat of the day.. so they can effectively process the available water ...

    so it comes down to you.. trying to explain.. what you mean by shade ... if you are trying to grow a 'flower' in a grotto/cave ... it isnt going to work ... but beyond that.. its hard for us to define and understand what you mean by shade ...

    also ... perhaps there is a reason they are simply a few weeks behind .. patience is always an option ... did you get them in late.. or has it been unusually cool this spring ...

    did you start them from seed ???? or buy plugs???


  • Donna

    I have found that torenia does its very best with morning sun and afternoon shade. I give them well-drained soil, consistent moisture, and occasional doses of water soluble plant food.

  • ginny12

    I feed all annuals in containers every day. Those in the ground, once a week. They need this for maximum flowering--of course in addition to the right soil, water, sun etc.

    Try Miracle Gro or some other liquid fertilizer. Use at quarter strength if you fert every day.

  • eblin

    I bought them as plants from the local nursery. It definitely isn't deep shade (I've got impatiens in those beds...I know better), but it tends to be mid-day to afternoon sun. They haven't received much fertilizer since I planted them, exactly because I"m paranoid about getting only green leaves. They aren't exhibiting any signs of not enough water etc. so I'll try a bit of fertilizer and patience. Thank you!

  • boston3381

    eblin is there any way you can post a pic of your Torenia??

    your in zone 7a?
    im in zone 7 R.I. im having problems with my Torenia also

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