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Do chicks ever really die from PBS?

March 19, 2006

OK, it isn't a medical term, but I'm talking about "pasty butt syndrome". This is only my second time with day old chicks. First time around, I read about all the scary stuff and tried to remove feces from a little guy. A warm washcloth wouldn't do it, and dipping in warm water wasn't effective either. Both my husband and I decided the stress on the chick from our interferrance was probably not worth it. The chick was just fine when he feathered out.

Now we have at least 6 New Hamphire Reds with unattractive butts. They are only four days old and we have decided to just leave them be. They don't seem concerned that they look gross and don't seem to have a problem relieving themselves. As with so much other advice I have received, I am always skeptical -- but yet, I don't want to take chances.

Has anyone here personally had a chick die because he couldn't relieve himself??? I don't want to hear about "somebody said" or "my friend had ----". Just you. Have you ever had it happen?

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  • velvet_sparrow

    ...and here I thought there was a new danger from Public Television...*L*

    No, I've never had a chick die from pasting up, have never known anyone who has--and what's more, I've never even HAD a chick paste up! I don't know why that is, maybe because it's warmer here in CA...? I've always hatched my own chicks (around 150 over the last 10 years, with an incubator and hens) or bought chicks from the feed store though, never had them shipped so I have no personal experience with shipped chicks. Also I've never raised any broilers, just bantams, americaunas, SLW, RIR, etc.

    You could try **carefully** trimming the fuzzy butt feathers below their vents with scissors so there is less fuzz for the poop to stick to, it might help...

    Good luck!

    Velvet ~:>

  • shellybabe

    My mother in law and I used to hatch out the eggs from her own chickens, since none of her chickens seemed to want to sit there long enough to hatch them out. we have had several get the PBS, and only one or two died, but I think it was more due to the fact that they were already weak. We used to use a warm really wet wash cloth and hold the chick in it until it got too cool, then switch with another warm cloth, and very slowly it would crust off,
    some, though would never come off. and we always tried to catch it before it got to cakey.
    We didn't have a whole lot of experience, probably 75 chicks in all that we hatched out from incubator. This includes about 20 ducks.which don't seem to be effected by PBS,
    Another thing we did, was we would make sure and change the paper at least three to four times a day, to prevent the chicks from sitting in their poop, which only makes matters worse.
    Hope this helps

  • amiz5904

    Last summer I had a guinea keet die from PBS. That sounded really funny.....but it's true!

  • ecow

    I know the question is old but since spring is coming I figured I would answer anyway. Yes if the chicks will die from Pasty Butt. If they get plugged up and are unable to evacuate them selves they die. It is very survivable though as long as you clean them.

  • oberhasli1

    I was told to put crushed,uncooked oatmeal in their starter ration or add cornmeal to their starter ration to keep them from getting PBS. It has always worked for me. I have had chicks start to get PBS and then I add the oatmeal and it clears up.

  • Pooh Bear

    Oh great. Now I have visions of a fat white chicken
    duct taped into an office chair with those little devices
    that hold your eyelids open so you can't blink and the
    chicken is sitting in front of a big screen TV being
    forced to watch hours of old re-runs of Barney.

    The poor creatures would be begging
    to be turned over to Colonel Sanders.

    Pooh Bear

  • mersiepoo

    Make sure they're drinking enough water, that can cause pasty butt. When I hatch guinea keets from the incubator, I dip their beaks in the water and make sure they drink. That usually keeps PBS from happening.

  • cherylr_me_com

    A great way to get rid of Pasty Rump:
    First take an old plastic container (Cool-whip type) and put some very warm water in it.
    Then hold the chicken's rump in it to soften up the poo. �(Chicks always seem to love this part & stop peeping loudly)
    Then take a warm wet paper towel to gently remove the poo. �If it does not all come off, hold the chick in the water again.
    Then dry the chick off a bit with another dry paper towel & put it back in the brooder to dry off.�
    Hope this helps! :)

  • zoeclare25_hotmail_com

    yes - i have just had 100 chicks delivered 2 weeks ago and within the first week, i was so ill, that they had to be looked after by someone else, who sadly didnt know about this problem - and 10 of them have died - i have checked and every single dead one and each has a poo covered vent, so i'm pretty sure this is what killed them as I have raised over 200 babies before and never lost one -
    i checked all the rest, cleaned up about 15 more that had it - and have lost none since then

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