Suggestions for How to Transport Pallets?

16 years ago

While I was driving last night for a leaf pick-up, I found a new house being built and there were about 10 pallets stacked for garbage pick-up or for dumpster pick-up. They are calling me. They are yelling my name loudly.

But how to get them home? It's not that I care about keeping them intact, but I don't want to stand out there in the dark trying to tear them apart before loading them. We're in the city so it's pretty much a hurry-up-load-and-go kind of deal, and you just hope someone doesn't run into you with your hazards blinking.

Anyone have any ideas? One of these days, I would like to buy a used pick-up truck for situations just like these..... My next-door neighbor has a pick-up truck, but I think he would die ever putting anything in the back. Meanwhile, I've got leaves and straw all over the interior of my vehicle from recent pickings, lol.....

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