Daylily Study Pt 2 -many pix

July 24, 2005

Here are more Hemerocallis from my before, some slightly different views. Hope you enjoy!

'Plum Perfect'


'Little Heavenly Angel'


'Persian Peach'


'Double Deseret' as a single


Purple hybrid


mini 'Siloam Bo Peep'


'Ginger Whip'


Purple hybrid duo


'Real Wind' w/Lavenders, Coleus, Plectranthus +


'Siloam Bo Peep'


'Real Wind' up close


'King's Cloak'


Melon w/apricot eye, small one


'Little Wart'


'Double Deseret'


Further back view w/a couple

'Persian Peach', a very large bloom

'Double Deseret' of many looks!

Hope you're not sick of looking at Daylilies now! :P

~Rosemarie (off to do some "real" work now)

Comments (4)

  • flowergirl_VA

    Wow, the 'Real Wind' is like nothing I've ever seen before. I also particularly liked the 'Persian Peach' and the purple hybrids. Nice shots!

  • stacey_turner

    Ro likes daylilies! I only have one in my garden; that's all I have space for! I'll look for some of those daylilies when we move back to the US with its nice big yards. Can't wait!

    Great shots!

  • caflowerluver

    I only have 2 kinds in my garden, the more common types. Yours are beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

  • rosemariero

    Thanks everyone!

    Flowergirl, I'd never seen anything like H. 'Real Wind' before either. A friend gave this one to me. I'm not particularly fond of orange shades, but they're growing on me! Hee hee! I find each one has its own beauty.

    Yes, Stacey, I like Daylilies...along with the 800 or so other plants I grow in my garden! :D Yep, it IS nice to have a big yard! You'll love it when you come back!

    Clare, I started out with a couple common types...a yellow & the melon-colored one pictured. Then, I'd spot them at the nursery/garden center & get one here & there. Friends send them to me. Pretty soon, you have a bunch! LOL

    I like variety! Maybe I should find pix of the ones I have in the back yard gardens to post! :P Oh, that would be overload, I think.

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